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Hello vikings!
We are looking to expand our moderator team here on Steam, and are on the search for passionate users that feel that they are up for the job! :steamhappy:

If you feel like this is something for you, please click the link below for more information and for the application.


We’ll contact you sometime the upcoming weeks if we think you’d be suitable for the team.

Links in this thread

Steam Moderator Application
This is the first step of becoming a moderator for the Valheim Steam Forums. When you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by our CM and experienced moderators. Please remember that it is not guaranteed that you will become moderator, as we have to choose between multiple applicants. Thank you for your understanding. Moderators are a vital part of our Community - They represent Valheim. Your task as a Steam Moderator is keeping the Steam Discussions clean, which means making sure every user follows the Rules and Guidelines. You have to move, merge and maybe even delete threads daily. You have to PM, warn or even ban users when they violate the Steam Discussion Rules and Guidelines or our Forum Rules. Suppose your application was successful and you were made a moderator. In that case, you will have a 2 week-long trial period to see how you work and whether you fit into the team. An accepted application does not guarantee to become a moderator; you first have to successfully pass the 2-week trial! Good luck!