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Originally posted by K0NG__: Text from the games Steam Page:
"We currently use our Discord server and the Steam forums as our primary ways to talk to our community. Players are welcome to suggest new features and modifications..."
"Upcoming changes are openly discussed with the community for early feedback."

meanwhile the comment under the new "News" Post: Changes and Iterations is completely locked and can not be commented by the community.
threads asking about stuff like this get deleted and users get either permabanned from discord or the steam discussion page.

Hi! You are more than welcome to comment on the latest news post! You simply need to make (or reply to) a post in the forum to do it, rather than commenting directly on the post. If you read the full news post, you will se that it says "If you’d like to discuss the content of this post, please visit our Discord, or our forums on Reddit and Steam, or make a comment on social media!" right there at the bottom.