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2s welcome to episode three of this Walkin
4s talk series like last time I'm josephin
7s and with me I have Robin hello I'm Robin
10s and Jonathan hello and before we begin
12s let me just remind you to check out
14s episode one and two first if you haven't
16s already but uh assuming you've already
18s watched them let's dive into today's
19s topics I want to start off with uh
22s weapons we've uh hinted at some weapons
24s for the asence already so um can we just
27s talk about the item progression for the
29s biome yeah sure we have items that
32s progress in the
34s biome uh wow yeah next topic next
38s please no we U I think it's going to
41s look very much like um how Mist lands
45s was you will come to Ashland you will
48s find you will hopefully you'll find the
50s resource you need you'll get it and you
53s will get some starter equipment and then
55s as you progress through the the whole
58s biome you will get some much needed
61s special gear or not gear but weapons
64s mostly um do you have any favorites
68s Jonathan yes I like um I don't know if
72s we're getting into that but like the the
73s special things with the items I like and
75s I liked our discussions about the blood
78s ones yeah cuz what we have what we have
80s shown uh to just recap for everyone is
83s uh we have shown um some basic versions
86s of a two-handed sword a one-handed sword
89s a mace and and uh some dual wielding
92s axis and then uh we also showed off a um
96s a lightning version of um of one of the
98s swords so um you'll be able to customize
101s a bit yes exactly so yeah this is an
103s idea I've had for a while just for
106s players to be able to customize for for
107s their play style a little bit or what
109s they think is actually cool and lean
110s into the fantasy of different uh aspects
113s I guess so the idea was that you can get
115s these gems three different colors of
118s gems and you could use your your old
121s weapon this only works for a flame Metal
124s by the way and when you get flame metal
126s is a special metal very very special
129s very special little metal no but so you
131s combine the weapon you just made with
133s one of the new gems that you find and
135s you get to make either a blood weapon a
138s storm weapon or a nature weapon which
141s have some different abilities not
143s abilities but uh aects I I yeah and uh
147s yeah to answer the question as well I I
149s have to say that the uh dual axis uh
152s with the blood is my absolute favorite
154s and I think they are a killing killing
156s machine y i i i i tend to play with that
159s a lot as well because the I've always
161s been a fan of axes I know axes have kind
163s of a bad rep in the game like maybe I
165s don't know for some reason but I always
166s like playing with axes cuz you can just
168s take trees whenever you want and now
169s they're all so awesome yeah so I'm a
171s happy guy and it's also going to be uh
174s built upon the same skill as as the axe
177s skill has already been right it's not
179s going to be a brand new dual wielding
181s axis skill it's on the axis yes exactly
184s so you don't have to if you did like
186s axis before uh there okay so axes
189s overall in in valheim is a little bit
193s boring because they are a tool at the
195s same time they're weapon so they're not
198s the best weapon in the game mostly but
202s going into two-handed axes or dual
204s wielding axes they feel really really
206s nice but but then again we do have the
209s two-handed sword uh we have Spears we
211s have we we have a lot of weapons I think
213s this is the biome with most weapons so
217s far for sure I mean for sure because
220s especially because of the gem like
222s specialization it's really turning into
224s a lot of a lot of weapons so there's a
226s lot of fun things to play with and I
227s think it's really nice as well that if
230s you have a certain weapon type that is
232s your favorite like previously it was
234s basically just one weapon that you were
235s going to have and now you can actually
237s make a choice within that within that
238s weapon type as well so I think I think
240s hopefully it's something that people
241s will enjoy yeah indeed and uh speaking
244s of choices uh in the in the Mist lands
246s we also introduced the uh possibility to
248s play as a mage uh how does the uh Mage
251s side grade as we call it how does that
253s uh feature into the ash Lance and into
256s the rest of the game um very interesting
259s question youin well let me tell
263s you okay so I think uh Mages or or
267s Wizards or or Warlock whatever you call
270s it I think it's not a side grade in my
273s opinion it's more a play style so we
276s have to accommodate for that play style
279s and with that said we also are
282s introducing or not introducing but we
284s used to say side grades about a lot of
285s the armors and so on it wasn't the main
288s progression armor that you needed uh
289s coming into ashlands you will be able to
291s play as a so get armor for for either
294s your little ranged guy uh girl or the
297s heavy armor or a Mage Armor B basically
300s hopefully they will go hand in hand with
302s each other when you play several people
304s together and you'll have a good time or
307s have a horrible time dying trying and I
309s think we have uh sorry yeah sorry I
311s maybe I interrupt um I just want to say
313s and we have a number of nice I'm like
316s I'd say uh I don't know yeah like my
319s favorite in that regard is definitely
321s the uh can we call it the
323s shotgun uh I can affectionately call it
326s the shotgun maybe yes yeah there's
328s there's a number of really nice magic
330s choices to make as well but that was
332s that was a journey too right because I
334s remember the very first time I uh I play
336s tested like going into the ashlands I
338s had a mage character and I tried to use
340s an ice staff on fire enemies and it
342s didn't work yeah but that I think that
345s was uh that's not the that was very
347s early that was very early yep and I we
351s can't actually blame the staff for that
353s I think I think it's on the enemy side
355s that they were I'm just a bad player no
357s no no no no it's actually I think it was
359s on the play the the enemies side I mean
362s it that they were like immune or
364s something I guess or is that correct
366s Jonathan or was yeah I think it was just
368s that they were that go like for some
370s reason like that's one of the
372s interesting things with Ashland has been
374s that like kind of what do you say
376s challenging our design on okay we just
378s gave everybody fire weapons and now
381s they're going into fire territory it's
383s fire is everybody immune to fire like
386s our fire creatures or our Ashland's
388s creature immune to cold or are they
390s susceptable to cold or like that has
392s been like uh going a bit forwards and
394s back quite a bit and uh I think we've
397s landed in something that works quite
399s well now but uh it hasn't been really
401s clearcut or what is say and yeah exactly
404s it's been difficult because since you
406s get a fire and an ice weapon you get
408s both both parts of the spectrum going
410s into a place which which is like fire I
412s think that when we have uh the undead
416s Vibe going on it's more I think it's
418s more General General now that it's more
421s I think it's better that way cuz before
424s okay so if you go back and we made like
427s the lava lands or whatever then you kind
430s of kind of expect the ice staff to be
432s king right but in this case I think why
435s think people will have a good time and
438s die and have a good time yeah exactly
441s and and not just do like a lot of games
442s s where like oh fire creatures are
444s immune to Fire and there they're like
446s like take extra damage from Ice it's
448s it's more that both both play Styles
450s will work exactly we have said so we
453s have so many discussions about this like
455s so in my mind is like if you're a hot
457s fire demon if you're a hot fire
460s demon then then looking for a sing
465s exactly uh then in my opinion then then
468s if you're shooting like snow on me then
470s it melts I'm not I'm not getting any
472s damage uh but at the same time it's like
475s yeah they should be maybe allergic to
478s cold at least exactly it should either
481s can of be the one or the other but it's
483s not really sure which one it is I think
485s it's one of those game can of tropes
487s that have existed forever and yeah but
489s yeah I think I think it works for well
490s like you said with the undead it it
491s becomes much more clear um but it's yeah
493s it's important that both of them work
495s like it would be really weird if we gave
497s like oh there is ice and uh Fire magic
499s now but yeah the next place you're going
500s to go is one of them is useless so have
503s fun I wanted to uh round off uh these uh
507s discussions that we've been having with
509s um uh just looking back a little bit on
512s uh on the Mist LS and the ashlands uh
515s what do you feel have been the uh the
517s biggest differences between working on
519s these uh these two biomes well Jonathan
522s detail well a lot of differences like um
526s I don't know where or similarities if if
528s that's easier yeah okay I don't know
531s where to start actually like there's
532s been a lot of
534s uh differences I think I think yeah go
537s ahead Roman I think you have
541s this is valim and uh so you can expect
544s the normal valim things in a biome you
547s come in you need to you come in to mist
549s lands and okay so one big difference
551s certainly is that there is no mist yeah
553s sure it's going to be a bit Misty and
555s foggy sometimes of all the smoke and
557s everything but we're not going to lock
559s you invisibility like we did in mistland
562s so that's a big difference I guess um we
564s have heard a lot of feedback from PE uh
565s players uh about the Mist specifically
568s maybe that's something we do something
570s with in the future try to ease that in
573s or out somehow uh but the similarities
576s with mistland I think is a lot very
579s similar with the black forest cuz we did
583s go through like what would Black Forest
585s do in Mist lands and that's what we did
588s here as well yeah but I think like
590s workwise and like what you can expect I
592s mean it's it's definitely turning into a
593s very well uh worked biome like uh
596s actually had a dream about that maybe
599s it's a bad sign I dreamed about Ashland
600s the other night and I was like yeah it's
601s actually pretty cool now um and
603s realizing that and that we put a lot of
605s work into it and that it's it's still
607s going to be like very difficult I think
609s like if you compare it to M mland land
611s it's a very difficult biome but it's
613s difficult in maybe in another way like M
615s can be a bit frustrating with the
616s verticality and all the mist and some
618s players didn't appreciate that so it's
621s definitely not going to be the same but
623s of course there's a lot of similarities
624s in other ways I was playing with Andreas
629s yesterday doing some balance and tweaks
631s and stuff and I think it's always going
633s to be situational uh we went in and
635s played yesterday and was like this is
636s too easy so we we started to
640s overtune uh some creatures and then we
642s jumped back in like this is too
644s difficult what's going on it's always
647s going to be sorry I sorry and then today
650s when you were off and I was talking to
651s him and he's like this this mob is
653s cheating what is he doing what is he
655s doing against me and that's when he
656s called you in he's like yeah look at
657s this map what is he doing something's
659s wrong and he was just like and even when
661s even Andreas is like this is too hard
663s this is gonna be too hard then it's like
664s okay if even he says that yeah then I
667s may we need to maybe we have to turn it
668s down a notch after that I think yeah
671s that yeah we have some yep it I think
674s people are going to be pleasantly
676s surprised with ashlands and I hope it's
679s going to be a stepping stone for people
682s to understand like this is endgame uh
685s volim uh for some people it's not going
688s to be super difficult and for some
690s people it's going to be the most
691s difficult thing in the world a good
692s thing is that we have uh modifiers and
696s uh so so we can actually go in and
697s change how difficult the game is um but
700s we're trying to create a baseline for
703s how we think it should be at least we've
706s only got the uh deep North left now and
709s then we are finally out of uh or when
712s ashlands is out then we have deep North
715s left and then we're soon on our way to 1
717s point oh and out of Early Access finally
721s yeah that would be interesting but uh
724s that is a uh tale for another time and
728s uh this episode is also going to Mark
730s the end of this little uh Series so I
733s want to thank everyone uh for listening
736s and I want to thank uh both of you for
738s uh joining me and for chatting about the
740s ashlands thank you so much for tuning in
742s and listening it's been awesome
745s hopefully you like ashlands and hope you
747s like to die yeah thank you very much for
750s uh listening to our ramblings about how
752s we feel kind of nothing but hopefully
755s it's been a little bit interesting and
756s that you enjoy the game bye bye by bye
759s bye
764s bye