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Hi! The Euro price adjustment was a decision from Coffee Stain Publishing, to ensure the game’s pricing is more in line with the American dollar price across the globe and corresponds with local exchange rates and markets. The Euro and US dollar exchange rate has changed since the game was first released, and now the pricing of the game reflects that.
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Originally posted by warrenchmobile: Uh, I bought a license to play Valheim in March 2021. I have not had to pay another penny to Iron Gate Studio or Valve or Steam to play since then. I do not expect to have to pay another penny until Valheim leaves Early Access.

Iron Gate Studio has the right to increase the price for people who do not now own a license to play. Where would one get the idea that they do not have that right?


And for those who think the price is to much. We regularly partitipate in steam sales so keep an eye out for those, or try Humble store which also does sales every now and then.