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A lot of nostalgia in that image for me!

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Originally posted by Richtoveen

Why the blur on some stuff tho? 🤔

I don't know exactly why they did it for this screenshot but there are lots of reasons that things get blurred.

Some common ones:

  • We don't want to show names without permission (especially of people who have left the company)
  • We might not have permission to release some of the placeholder art (temp assets)
  • We might think that some piece of information in the screenshot relates to our internal systems
  • We might think that some of the image might misrepresent what we're planning to do for the game in the future

My guess is that the characters are all blurred because none of them are anything like the characters that ended up in the game and we don't want people even thinking about them.

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Originally posted by p4p3rm4t3

That an early Brim?


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Originally posted by LimeiloN


I guess everyone, be it an AAA studio or an hobbyist, needs to deal with this.

Interestingly, that was one of the interesting problems we had to solve as we transitioned from pre-production, to production, and finally player facing betas and a live release. You can grow accustomed to certain warnings, debug text, etc, with the explicit knowledge that "we will fix that later." Sometimes later sneaks up on you though, and debug text that you've been ignoring for a year or 2 suddenly becomes debug text notifying you that your build isn't currently shippable. It's a pretty neat process, but the learning curve is STEEP!

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Originally posted by DarkTenshiDT

Imagine not building the lighting before taking this screenshot LUL

No one thought we'd ever release this screenshot back when we took it lol