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25 Oct

North America’s Last Chance Qualifier will resume play online on October 27 and end with a Grand Final on October 31. We’re excited to get the action back underway and determine who will take North America’s third and final spot at VALORANT Champions in Berlin.

Bracket and Schedule

The double-elimination tournament will pick up where it left off after Day 1 completed. 100 Thieves qualified for the Upper Bracket Final while Gen.G, LG and XSET all dropped down to the lower bracket.


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Hey, thanks for the feedback! So I took a good hard look at this, and I think there are some interesting ideas here, and I want to take them point by point.

Bulldog skins I'm with you. There are a lot of rounds where a bulldog would probably be as effective if not more effective than a vandal based on the positioning and play style, and I hate that teammates will often forgo valuable utility for a "better" gun. Honestly Zedd's bulldog skin is pretty dope and is what I'm going to stick with for a minute I think, but I understand it may not be everyone's cup of tea, so yeah, all for variety.

Speaking of personal taste, I share your love of RNG. I tell people that the random plasmids level in BioShock is one of my favorite gaming experiences of all time, so I'll talk to some of the design folks about the classic. I think it merits consideration, along with some other RNG type options around movement and abilities.

I'm not a sound designer, but a capella sound e...

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24 Oct

23 Oct

22 Oct


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They're testing all sorts of changes internally, this one accidentally made it through. It's not that deep.

Yep! haha


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dont worry, zoomers also use the laughcry emoji a ton, but only to make fun of millenials

Yeah they can use the spray to meme on us now.

21 Oct

Hey there! I’m Sammi Pedregon, art outsource supervisor on VALORANT here to talk about the inspiration and process behind the Nunca Olvidados skin.

As much as this article is about how the skin came together, I also wanted to share how this skin brought me closer to my heritage as a second generation Mexican American—far more than I expected it would! Growing up, my Mexican grandparents were always very accepting and straightforward about death, and they somehow saw a beauty behind it that I didn’t yet understand.

As you’ll read, these were themes that inspired Nunca Olvidados and through the process, helped me feel I can better understand where my grandparents were coming from. Yes, death can be scary and inevitable, but once family has passed, why not instead look back and continue to celebrate the memories? I didn’t realize just how much working on this skin would mean to me.


Nunca Olvidados is a Mexican-Spanish phrase meaning ...

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Nice work! The original was supposed to be the laughcry emoji, which I use a lot and also recently learned only cringe millennials like me use. But then that kind of makes it even better?

20 Oct

19 Oct