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VALORANT: T1 vs TSM // VALORANT Ignition Series // FaZe Clan — streaming for 34 minutes

Originally posted by RazorRipperZ

How long after that game was Draw inplemented?

Not sure. More than a year. OT didn't end up in its current form until after launch. We had more important stuff to build for players first.

wtf this is so well done

Originally posted by leafeator

We worked hand in hand with Enigma and our internal production studio to get this done. Huge props to Enigma the guy is absolutely phenomenal and a joy to work with.


Originally posted by eggperson1

I also logged in an out without weeklies showing up. I shall DM aswell just incase

Replying in public for other players in the same boat. I was very worried for a moment but it turns out all is in order!

Both you and u/AgravainX completed all the week 1 missions and received the corresponding 16,200XP. The game does remove weeklies from the UI when you're all caught up, which is why you can't see any at the moment (week 2 missions aren't coming out until next Tuesday).

It is likely you completed the week 1 missions while we were having a bit of a bumpy start on this patch. That would explain why you did not see them progress or complete as it was happening.

A long time ago there was no draw and I had a game go into the 30s. That game changed me.


Originally posted by AgravainX

Hi I already logged out and logged back in but my weeklies are still not here. Any recommendations??

Can you PM me your region and Riot ID (display name in game + #tag)? I'll take a look

Originally posted by PappyVPoodle

I'm gonna run all of them! btw are there gonna be any more poly skins? they look super cool, maybe like poly turtle or something like that

Maybe! We haven’t decided yet. :)

It is true that Tactibunny and his friends had onced dined together in Venice around the time of the Ignition event - Riot was contacted by Tactibear and Tactisquirrel recently after launch to tell us of the nefarious plots that Tactibunny had in store for the world. Obviously we want to stop him before he causes any trouble. This scene that you see is a depiction of Tactibunny's last moment before he was known to turn on his friends, we like to remember him as the good natured kind soul that he once was and this area is a reminder for us all that even those who may have fallen into darkness were once standing in the light.

Originally posted by Soham_rak

Hitscan where riot preeti and one another giy were telling where they rook it from

hello from that other guy :P

Originally posted by Altombre

I’m honestly not sure, I’m not a designer or engineer so I don’t actually work in game code.

The short version is that it involves file dependencies and time spent on cleaning up the remaining orphaned assets is time not spent on something more valuable to players. Please pardon our dust and ignore the detritus.

We've learned a lot since the early days of the project, and we're better about how we structure current content.

Originally posted by mogram_leg

Yeah, and the card and buddy is so cute too

are you gonna run the card + the buddy/skin together?

Originally posted by Apap0

I will use your presence in this topic to hopefuly have this sorted out -
Can you explain why kill feed shows there a 'wallbang' for Jett kill with her ultimate, while her knives have no penetration?
I know some people whine about weird wallbangs regs, where they shoot, then hide behind a cover and enemy recieves reduced damage as if they actually wallbanged. Is it somehow connected?

I double checked this to make sure -- Jett's knives currently don't have zero penetration value(s), they just have extremely small values, almost zero, but not quite. That means they can pen through surfaces that are very thin AND are a material type that is easy to pen. She just nicked a very tiny corner of that box.

Thanks for the thoughtful write-up! We'll digest the feedback and integrate into the roadmap accordingly.

Originally posted by deathspate

I hope this doesn't come across negatively as it's purely curiosity from my end, but why do you guys leave traces of older character concepts like Shatter, Joules and Crusader who were scrapped or alchemized into other characters in the files? I would assume they're useless clutter that don't need to be present in the shipped package. Is there a reason to leave them there as other files depend on them (code or otherwise), or is it just a matter of a low priority clean-up task? I'm aware Valorant isn't the only game that does this of course, I just thought to ask it here.

I’m honestly not sure, I’m not a designer or engineer so I don’t actually work in game code.

Originally posted by Chroip

Is there confirmation on this? Or are they just crossing multiple characters together

I can confirm Joules is long gone. She lives on in aspects of Sova and Jett.

Originally posted by bobmore11

No problem, keep in mind these are only the numbers for the first 5 weeks and we should get the rest of the numbers at a later date. It looks like they still scale up but I'm not sure what the cap will be.

The total weekly XP is the same between Act 1 and 2. Act 1 lasted for 9 weeks while Act 2 is 10 weeks so the weekly XP is split up differently.

Hi, I’m Kevin Lee, a software engineer on VALORANT’s Game Systems team. Our team is responsible for developing many of the core systems that support VALORANT’s gameplay, including movement, combat and input. In this post, I’ll be going through one of the systems that’s core to FPS gameplay: Hit Registration.

In a game like VALORANT, hit registration is arguably one of the most important systems given that the difference between a win or loss can come down to a single headshot. Our goal as developers is to ensure that when a player fires a shot, the outcome of the shot is clear, feels right, and is above all else, correct.

We’ll sometimes see posts or receive messages from players with clips where hit reg appears broken. We take all of these reports seriously, and go through each video frame-by-frame to validate that the system is working as expected.

That being said, we think hit registration in VALORANT is in a pretty good spot right no...

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This should be resolved now. Let us know if not.

This should be resolved now. Let us know if not.

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