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21 Feb


Originally posted by Ixolus

Love that you all are supporting the teams this way. I understand in CS its a HUGE boon to the players. Really nice job designing these and I love that it's the Classic as it's a great way to show your support at all times.

Thanks so much for the kind words!

We know this is something the community has wanted for a long time - both to support their favorite team and rep them in-game!


Originally posted by AvalancheZ250

VFX is nice, but any unique animations?

Unique animation when you inspect (has the team name, logo, etc.).

Also has unique sounds, firing audio, and kill sound (kill banner).

15 Feb


Originally posted by xXbrokeNX

Of course you confirm the skin gives you aim bot AFTER the budle leaves the shop

The bundle is still in the Featured store!


Originally posted by froggiedoo

Wtf nooo :( I didn't know!! I feel kinda scammed rn

Hi there! We tried something new with this buddy tech-wise so it detects if your teammate is using it too. We thought people would like this tech for this kind of buddy specifically for Duo's Day (it's a nice reminder you're playing with your duo, or maybe a way to find your future duo in a random game!?). It felt like it fit the theme of the day well, so we put in a little extra work to make it special. Some people seem to like it but I know not everyone will be into it.

Sorry to hear you'd prefer the normal tech we use for buddies like Luna and Celestial (and for Xerofang too), where they react when you fire your gun. We're always experimenting with new things for buddies, so I'm sure we'll make another reactive buddy like Luna/Celestial one day, but I'm sure we'll also experiment with other tech (which maybe will be your thing or won't).

I hope you'll still try out your Duo's Day buddy and maybe it'll turn out you like it even though its sometimes angry and some...

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do you think it might be aimbot?

13 Feb


Originally posted by oooorileyautoparts

the light part in the middle doesn’t always open up, it’ll usually freeze on the equip transition.

oh, bizarre. have you noticed that from any of the other Ion weapons? I can let our team know about that and look into fixing it. It would also help if you've got a video of that happening


Originally posted by DeerInRut

Have both. They are different. The vibe is different. Like, you may prefer pink overdrive, but pink overdrive is unusable for full pink collections.

by full pink collections, are you wanting something like just 100% that color like how Araxy's purple is just overwhelmingly purple? Are there any other skins youd use that hit what you're after for full pink (battlepass or otherwise)


Originally posted by oooorileyautoparts

ion bucky is super glitchy, my fav is the heartbeat monitor or the oni

what's glitchy with the Ion Bucky?

08 Feb


Originally posted by Failfoxnyckzex

Oh... sniff sniff, i get it now...🥺


Why the sniffing?


Originally posted by Chowo_

Standing inside the finisher always gives me goosebumps. A 10/10 Skin in my book

I wish more people would stand in the finisher. I'm the only one on my teams.


Thanks for reporting this - I sent it to the team to check.


Originally posted by ImpressionOfGravitas

Hey Preeti,

Thanks for all of your hard work! I absolutely LOVE the skins y'all come out with. (I might have a bit of a problem when it comes to buying skins ahaha :) )

Your team is incredible! I LOVE (again with the caps lol) the general aesthetic and I think you've done an incredible job of one-upping yourself every time. As someone who loves art + fashion, I'd be super excited to see what your team would create if you collaborated with interesting artists, fashion designers and industrial designers.

I would pay through my nose for a bundle that's a Valorant x James Jean collab. Or, Anna Sui. Maybe Alexandre Vauthier. Or, heck, I think Valorant has a deep enough cultural impact that you could probably get Jony Ive. If he's running around designing christmas trees, then why not a skin line?

(OMG, can you imagine Jony Ive sitting crossed legg...

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I love the passion in your comment so much! Thank you! <3

07 Feb


Originally posted by Maths12321

if you genuinely work for riot and have any way of communicating with the skins team, please send them my thanks for making xenohunter x protocol + kuronami right click. Basically my favourite features from all skins combined.

I do. I will tell them! We definitely wanted to make the Xenohunter animations that everyone loves even more exciting for a scifi + lunar new year dragon theme!


Originally posted by Luckystar0309

If you look at these previews and especially all the recent ones then you will find that there will be no crosshair lmao or it's just a tiny dot. I believe that they have a version of the game where you have aimbot added to the code and also the cross hair always on the head level and they must have made it in such a way.

Or I must be so wrong and as op said,, they are goated. No crosshair and 100% accurate?? That's damn impressive.

No, they're just goated and those are bots.


Originally posted by FalseSpace5653

Thanks for the transparency mate

Np thanks for hearing me out!


Originally posted by Gouda02

To make sure the new bundle is only 3 skins correct?


06 Feb


Originally posted by FalseSpace5653

Disappointed that we still have to wait for a proper Outlaw skin

I think I said this on a stream, but it takes a while (several months, or even 1-2 years for a full set) to make a new high tier skin with animation, effects, audio, etc. We didn't want to delay the release of the Outlaw just for top tier skins, so we released Outlaw before high tier skins were ready. And as others have said on this sub, this was also a good approach (not delaying Outlaw just for skins) because it gave players time to learn the gun silhouette (in 1st and 3rd person), sounds (in 1st person), and animations (in 1st person).