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Hey everyone,

After review, gh0st has been unbanned. The account flagged a detection, however after we looked into it we saw an extremely rare unintended collision, and have reinstated their account. We've made immediate changes so that this won't happen with other players.

We routinely QA both our detections and accounts that have been banned (both through routine reviews and Player Support escalations), but unfortunately this was a situation where we weren't 100% precise, and gh0st was an unfair victim of rare circumstance. I apologize for the damage this may have caused, and I appreciate the patience from all the parties involved while we sorted this out.


Originally posted by ExileFlux33

I feel like small dots would be better for that bcz gridshot is much easier on high sens while small dots is aimed more towards precision

You're probably right, I wanted a healthy mix of speed and precision. I'm coming from playing League and COD at like 1600 DPI and high sens. So I'm trying to break years of wrist aiming.

So it's a slow process. I'll probably end up doing it over again but spending more time, and running it through multiple tests. I love data stuff like this!


Originally posted by ExileFlux33

Bruh ur in the voltaic server and u play gridshot? Smh

LOL I just used gridshot as a quick gauge when trying to find what sensitivity worked for me :)

But yes, I should be judged :(



Hmmm, I use Aimlabs for warmup and I use Kovaak's to track my progression. I feel like Aimlab is very hard to measure how I'm improving, and I don't like their leaderboard setup.

A very good resource is the Voltaic community discord. I use their stretching guides, aim benchmarks, and routines. I've found a lot of success using this for Kovaaks - there are also a ton of helpful people that helped me out with questions just like yours.

Voltaic Discord: (This is not a Riot endorsement, just my personal preference to improve my aim)

Recently I did the "TenZ" recommend method to find your perfect sens. Essentially it's just a binary search, but someone made an awesome tool to help this process!

Find Your Sens Tool: ...

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18 Apr


Originally posted by Riot_Preeti



17 Apr

Mohamed Amine Ouarid, 22, is the Moroccan Duelist who sits at #10 on the Episode 2 Act I VALORANT leaderboards as “JohnQT.”

Without the Closed Beta in his home region, JohnQt had to initially rely on streams and impressions to know if VALORANT would be his future main. The commitment would also mean transitioning from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where he had represented Morocco while playing in South Africa for team Viboras.

“Riot came in at the right situation and I saw that they were backing up the MENA [Middle East and South Africa] region, saying they would focus there—I was pretty hyped,” he said.

The chang...

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16 Apr

15 Apr


Can you explain the reasoning behind the regional slot distribution for Masters: Reykjavik?


One of our biggest goals for 2020 was to launch international events as quickly as possible. As planning was going on for the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, we were presented with an opportunity to utilize that event’s infrastructure to execute an international 10-team VALORANT LAN earlier than anticipated. With this team limit, our first priority was to make sure each of our seven VALORANT regions was represented at our first global event.

Subsequently, we had to make some tough decisions with the remaining three slots. As we were trying to make these decisions, we looked at each region’s playerbase, viewership, esports infrastructure, and team participation within regional VCT tournaments; criteria that EMEA, North America, and Brazil all scored especially high on. Ultimately, we chose to grant a...

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