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This content gives me ENERGY

Thanks for your hype!


Originally posted by PinkNinjaMan

Just to further update. I haven't noticed this past my first game after the patch. Might be a one off. Thanks for looking into it.

We reverted back to version 1.10, so that should fix the issue. We've identified the repro steps to get this to happen internally, and we're now working on a fix :-)

Thanks for the update!


Originally posted by Ashim2099

How about a butterfly knife. Like a butterfly that turns into a knife. I know you guys aren't going to add in an actual butterfly knife anytime soon. So how about a knife that is a butterfly just to troll the people who were asking for one lol.

lol that'd be pretty troll. I like it though


Originally posted by purplepower4271

Summer intern they said. Basically just job expirience but fingers crossed he joins riot at some point in the future cause that finisher is dope

Yep job experience + pay + relocation (and in this case working on some sweet FX!) If you're interested you can read more here.


Originally posted by elmntfire

I'm sorry, but I did not record my gameplay. I can give you as many details as I can remember, though.

It was a static tracer at the top of sewers on Split near the entrance from mid. If you're approaching it from mid, the tracer appeared at the end of the short hallway towards the left side near the cubby. I was playing Cypher in deathmatch, using a classic with no other weapons. I had respawned in B Link and walked towards sewer across Bottom Mid when I noticed the tracer in Sewer. I had not fired on anyone yet, nor had I been fired upon or encountered a player in B Link, Mid or Sewer. No one in the lobby was playing Skye either.

Hello! Did you see this happen before 1.11 rolled out? Trying to pinpoint the patch that may have caused it. :)


Originally posted by therealkenz

Are the reaver skins delayed due to the rollback of the patch?

Yup, the skins themselves are fine but since they’re in patch 1.11 we can’t release them without the rest of the patch. It’ll probably go live the day after 1.11 is live. More info on release time will come from official channels!

Also, on a more human side, I’m sad too (seeing lots of “when is Reaver coming out now? Is it delayed too?” posts). I love Reaver and was really excited to buy it tomorrow (at least the Vandal and melee, idk about if I am getting the whole set yet). But it’ll come out as soon as we can get 1.11 out! Reaver continues to haunt us.


Originally posted by NihilHS

Unfortunately I wasn't recording at the time.

I can say that I only played DM, I don't think I ever took any damage from them, I believe they emitted sound, and I think that the only map it was occurring on was Bind. I can't say that for sure, but I know for sure that it was at least happening on Bind (which makes me wonder if it has something to do with the teleporters).

I can also say that it seemed to only ever be tracers that were coming out of walls. I don't know anything about coding, but it might be the case that the animation of the tracers were coming out of the wrong walls. If player A shoots at wall 1, I presume some code makes a visible tracer from player A's location to the wall, and then creates a second tracer on the other side of the wall (if penetrated) in the same direction. It seems like there could be a problem with the second part of this process; Either the second tracer is coming out of the wrong wall or is repeating the process on wa...

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Do you remember when this started happening? Did it seem new to patch 1.11? Another comment had mentioned seeing the random weapon tracers for the past 2 weeks which would mean it's on patch 1.10.


Originally posted by RocketHops

Holy shit. I was already super happy with Singularity, but it looks like I'm gonna grab this too.

When the game came out I asked myself what aesthetic I would be down to purchase no questions asked, and for me I knew it was purple, void/dark aether style magic or dimensional, and back to back now Riot has delivered.

Also big props to the art team, I really didn't like the original Reaver in the beta due to the gold trim, changing it to silver has made a huge difference and definitely fits the vampire hunter theme perfectly. The effects and colorways also add so much compared to beta. Great job to the intern too, seeing that finisher sealed the deal for me. Ya'll should consider bringing him back to the team if he's looking for work!

This was a sweet comment, thank you!


Originally posted by purplepower4271

Summer intern they said. Basically just job expirience but fingers crossed he joins riot at some point in the future cause that finisher is dope

He's coming back next summer for a 2nd internship!


Originally posted by eriF-

Good price on this bundle guys, I know people have been upset with prices but I think THIS one is 100% worth its salt.

Buying the second it releases.

I'm debating if I get the whole bundle or just Vandal + melee. I sometimes Sheriff but I never Op. I already have too many Guardian skins because of other bundles, especially since I don't Guardian either.


Originally posted by Victrox321

I remember loving them in beta :). They are beautiful now. I mean even more than in the past.

I'm late to the party but thank you. The team worked super hard to update Reaver but still make it feel like Reaver. Means a lot to hear that! <3


Originally posted by black-beach

Please start applying alternate colors to the knives!

we did this on the Ego line - we're talking about if we should do it on everything else going forward. no commitments but everything is a tradeoff. with our current team if we add more variant workload to them, it takes away from other things so we have to balance it out


Originally posted by elmntfire

I just did a deathmatch before the rollback happened and checked a bunch of angles cause of tracers leading nowhere. That probably explains alot.

Heyo! I'm trying to repro this bug internally. u/NihilHS and u/elmntfire, do either of you have a video of tracers appearing in parts of the map they shouldn't be on?

27 Oct


Originally posted by cornmealius

Black/Red for sure

mine too! close second is the white/green


Originally posted by Pachurick

Will turret still buzz and make noise when its on? A lurking enemy that can hear the turret will also gain info that KJ is within 40m radius.

Yup! Good call out here.


Originally posted by [deleted]


This is also not true, Sage’s winrate is the highest in immortal+ actually, it trends up as mmr gets higher

We’re working on an insights blog post that’ll have this information, so stay tuned!

When do they post?

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