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I'm not sure exactly what the process was, but a couple months ago, Riot made it easier to rank up and some people went up even 2 ranks after playing one game. I'm gold elo, I've been successfully ranking up to this point. I haven't ranked down or up, it's just stationary which makes sense because I don't personally think I've improved to a greater level but there's a huge problem in my games lately.

Since that "boost", I've gotten very bronze level players in my games. Almost bot like players. Bronze and gold aren't huge ranks apart but there are noticeable differences if you play in each rank. But I'm getting those bronze players in almost all of my games, it's almost ridiculous how bad these now "golds" are. I don't know if it has anything to do with that Riot rank up helper or not, but it's really made this end of season ranking very difficult.

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Ranked distribution changes didn't change the players you get in your match. We didn't change anyone's skill rating, how their MMR changes, or changed any back end calculations for players directly. We only moved the cut offs for lower ranks.

Think of it this way. I'm using made up numbers for this. So lets say you have a match making rating(MMR) of 450. Before the change we said "You are Iron 2 if you are between 400-500 MMR." Turns out, iron 2 had too many players in it, we overestimated how many players would end up at that 400-500 MMR. So to fix it we now say "You are in Iron 2 if you are between 400-420 MMR, and Iron 3 421-480 MMR, etc." The player that is 450 MMR would go from Iron 2, to Iron 3, without actually changing their skill/MMR. Because MMR is a reflection of the players skill, that number didn't change.

When you match make we use your MMR to match you with similar MMR players. So it doesn't matter what Ranks you run into in your lobby, your MMR is around theirs and you are put into the match because of it. Also all ranks up to Plat were changed, and rolled out over the past month as players played(we can't have everyone just change ranks at the flip of a switch, it gets messy). So as long as you were below Plat you also benefited from these ranked distribution changes just as much as every other player.

Good luck climbing ranked before end of season! Hopefully you get some good games going, try to keep your head up. Remember your perception and positivity can play a big role in how you perform so try to stay positive!(As cliché as that sounds, it really does work)

TLDR; Your forward facing rank doesn't determine the players you match with, your hidden MMR does.

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Originally posted by Wolfelle

Great response! A lot of people forget that rank and mmr are not the same so having a rioter clarify it is great. Out of interest has there been a change in the last couple of days? All my accounts suddenly started ranking up super fast. One of them im confident had high mmr so i wasnt too surprised but my main and alt all jumped up too. For any win i just promoted even if id lost a lot before. And many people were reporting getting double promotions (me and ppl on reddit/in my bronze-silver games)

I had awful stats too. I went like 5/15 and got double promoted (i was just having a rough game but we did win)

Also out of interest, can you promote on a loss? I know you can gain on a loss so in theory if that loss took you over the rank threshold would you rank up, or is there an exception

When we changed the rank distribution it tries to roll it out slowly. We believe their may have been a bug and sometimes when it tries to roll the distribution out it may have been giving you a large % of the change for 1 match. It happened a couple times now.

We didn't want to just change everyone's rank, without knowing why, so you do have to play ranked in order for the redistribution to effect you. That's why over the past month(I believe we started in mid/early december), people have seen a couple of bumps in rank when playing.

With the distribution changes it may be possible to promote on a loss? I think we may have protections in not allowing you to be promoted until you win and after the win your MMR is in the correct place for the promotion. I'm not entirely sure tho, I'll try to ask around.

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Originally posted by Unlockabear

So riddle me this. Why are you giving me a hidden mmr, but punishing my ranks and MM as a result?

I think there may be some confusion over how the system works. I highly recommend checking out some of my other explanations, to other threads, that I've written in the past.

Your MMR/Elo are the same thing. You technically have 1 MMR/Elo that is used for rank/match making.

Then there is your forward facing rank, which in our system currently is tied to your MMR/ELO. Similar to the example above that would be "This ELO = This Rank".

Maybe I'm confused, but you shouldn't be getting punished for a your Elo/MMR, it's simply used to match you appropriately and ties you to your rank.

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Originally posted by Revolutionary-Tap668

Except your hidden MMR directly correlates to your rank ie 2000= radiant 1900 = imm3 and so on. You’re legit directly lying to us about how it works when we know how it works 😭😭😭 disgraceful.

No lying, I'm a little confused what you think I'm lying about.

Your MMR stands for Match Making Rating, it's used not only to match you against similar skilled opponents but like you pointed out what your rank is. I'm down to explain whatever you think I'm lying about, it may help if you look at some of my other comments on older posts where I explain the system more in depth.

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Originally posted by arkofcovenant

Hey EvrMoar! I was really hoping to have a rioter clarify some things about the way that rank works so your answers in this thread are super helpful! I was hoping you could answer a couple questions for me:

Recently, a tool created by rumblemike has been going around that supposedly uses some undocumented API to request the Elo for your own account, reported as a 4 digit number where each 100 "Elo" represents a rank (ie Gold 3). The way it appears is that if you hit 100 "points" in your rank, you rank up, and if you hit 0 and then lose the next game you derank. It appears to be accurate but I was wondering if you were aware of this tool and if you could clarify if it is 1) Accurate? 2) Allowed by Riot TOS? 3) Reporting a number that is actually equivalent to your MMR? Or is it a separate number that is only used for Rank

Also, you use the term "Elo" here, but to my knowledge "Elo" describes a specific type of rating system that is based directly on the formulas and ideas developed by Arpad Elo for rating chess players. Is the MMR system used in Valorant based directly on Elo's formulas? Is it a zero-sum system like other Elo-specific systems? Obviously, given that you are accounting for things like 5v5 teams (instead of 1v1), individual performance, and round score, you can't use his equations exactly, but I'm curious how close it is?

Finally, you seem to be implying here that rank and MMR are tied directly, which is not exactly what all games do. For instance, I remember at one point in the past in LoL, your MMR was separate from your rank, and it was possible for your MMR to outpace it by a bit. When your MMR got ahead of your rank, you LP gains/losses would be adjusted so that your rank would reflect your true MMR over enough games (so if your rank was under what it "should be" based on your MMR, you would gain more LP on wins and lose fewer LP on losses). Does this type of system exist in Valorant?

I unfortunately don't know anything about third party tools, or anything about them. Sorry :( I'm pretty new at Riot and haven't learned about them yet(or who to ask).

I use Elo and MMR, purely because people sometimes think MMR is their "Elo Rating". Sometimes you hear people say "what is your Elo Rating". It's good to point out, I honestly should just switch to using MMR because technically that is the correct usage. I've only been on the Valorant team for 3ish months. The system, to my knowledge, was written by a group of extremely talented people at Riot and is unique. I don't know how much the Elo system inspired them, but it is a unique system written by Riot(again to my knowledge).

Valorant rank is heavily tied to your MMR currently. There are some cases where if the system believes it's unconfident in your rank it can loosen where it thinks you belong, and that leads to faster rank up/down. But, that is just the MMR system at work. So technically you do have a variance in your MMR, there are also some rules which may keep you at certain ranks until you confidently pass various rank threshholds. A good example is this ranked redistribution; yes we moved the ranked distrubtion goal posts, but you still need to win a game(even if your MMR technically is now in a new rank) in order to promote to that rank. So right now Valorant doesn't have a point system sitting on an Elo type system.

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Originally posted by SyzbuH

Is there a reason there might be more players than normal in higher ranks that shouldn’t? I don’t know if it’s because it’s the end of the season, but diamond/immortal games are filled with trolls, throwers, or people who don’t know basic mechanics. Games went from really enjoyable to keeping me off Valorant because of the amount of toxic throwers and similar situations recently.

There shouldn't be :( I'm sorry you've been running into some rough matches recently. Toxicity is something we've been talking about and I'm sure you will hear about solutions for issues like these in the future.

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Originally posted by syphx_

Not sure if this will get addressed but it’s worth a shot, I was hardstuck immortal 1 for nearly this entire act but I consistently got placed in lobby’s that were made up of 80% (roughly) immortal 3’s and radiants. For some background I did peak at immortal 3 last act but I doubt that matters for this act. Nonetheless if I have to solo crawl my way out of immortal 1 by winning more than I lose against the absolute highest ranks at a 2+ rank disparity doesn’t that make the system unfair? I would understand if it happened maybe once a day and my elo was affected relative to how I played in that match but these games can account for 70ish % of my games and I would typically land in the upper half percentile if not multiple mvp’s in a row. It’s as if I’m getting treated as an immortal 3 player without the gratification of seeing that rank on my screen. Does this stem from not having enough immortal 1’s/2’s in the west coast? If so, why are there so little immortal 1 ranked players when I can come across objectively worse higher ranked players all the time (not just aim but decision making, game sense, utility usage, timing, patience, etc)? Is this something being looked into? Ty for using your platform to answer the people you can btw

First off, grats on Immortal! I wish I was that good :( I'm sitting at like Plat, I need to grind more.

I can't speak for your individual games or expreience, I just don't know how the numbers are working out. I will say that if you are being placed in games above your rank it's technically good for you. If your rank is below Immortal 3, but you are matching against those opponents, you technically should get more for a win and less for a loss(because your playing opponents above you). This should help you climb easier in the long run, based on how the match would work out.

Again, I just can't speak for your exact experience. The system has some confidence/variance built into it. If you are getting placed against people above you, that's probably a good sign and I would just keep it up. Hopefully some of the changes in the new season can help your ranked experience!