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7s there's a story among treasure seekers
10s well we have plenty of stories but
13s this one's different
18s it starts with whispers
23s a voice that beckons adventurers into
26s places of impossible origins
29s untouched by time
33s a call for the world
35s to find a gift
37s [Music]
39s forged by
41s [Music]
43s or full
47s gods
48s [Music]
50s for some it is control
54s or destruction to become a trusted tool
58s or bravery to risk everything
62s for a shot at victory
66s for others it is courage
68s to face their foes head-on
73s oh grace
75s to grant their enemies
77s a gentleman
82s a weapon of wonder
87s waiting to be discovered
89s [Music]
97s how would you wield it
99s [Music]
113s [Music]
126s you
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Originally posted by callmeweed

Hopefully it has color variants that were missing from ion too

It does have variants. :3
- Teal/Purple
- Red/White
- Black/Green

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Originally posted by noteworthyartist

anyone know when it is coming out?

It's out now! :)

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Originally posted by LevelPlainField

As always Riot doesnt disappoint us with creativity and boldness playing around with skin styles,which been already created. Shows us all the effort they put in those skins and it is exceptional to see the results of hard work and dedication of people who love thier job. However, the longevity of appreciation will be not long lived as always. Why? Well, if I heard/seen corectly it will cost 8700. This is bloody insane. I know I know designers need to earn from something also but with this price? Importantly now when inflation is highest everywhere? With prices going everywhere? MMmm I bet you would say it is my choice not to buy it and it is true, but I see as strong message from devs or thier managment, WE DONT CARE ABOUT YOU! 100% if prices would be 50% less people buy it exceptionally well. Maybe I am wrong but I wouldnt mind buying more often even having multiple skin in my inventory.Most times want to buy it but again I see the price and .... all that hard work of devs and not appreciated. Every player should have multiple skins in there inventory of thier choosing not because of price but liked style, or need to support devs. However, harsh truth skin a royalty item in game. So as always it hurts to see all that hard work by devs not cherished by players if it will be just few who buys it ..

As a gamer myself, I totally understand where you are coming from.
Unfortunately, us devs don't decide on the price of the skins that come out. :(