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map weights

This confirms that they give more weight (meaning more chance % to get it in games) to some maps (presumably newest maps) instead of having equal weights. No wonder why we're getting Fractured and Breeze all the time.

All maps get weighted the same, there is no favoritism. We grab a bunch of people that could potentially match against each other, and then from that player pool figure out the best way to make two teams to go against each other. After that we choose a map.

When choosing a map we look at all the maps each player has played in their match history, also the system does not "disable" or "remove" any map from randomly getting picked. This is because we do not want to throw out matches at this point, and would rather have a match where someone has gotten the same map in a row(due to random map occurrence) rather than throw out a fair match and make the match maker do more work.

So basically when you get a map, it reduces your chance of getting that map again by the same amount as any other map. If you get a map multiple times in a row we reduce that value even further. That being said it depends on the maps everyone in your game has played, not just you. Also even tho there are map weights, it's still a random selection so just because a map weight is low doesn't stop it from being selected.

hope that helps!

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If I understand this right, since the average player will have played fracture less due to dodging, that means players who do not dodge will be queued into fracture more on average, just not in a row?

Also, what about 2 maps back to back? Can we get a streak of bind, split, bind, split, bind, split as a (reasonably) common outcome?

Players that dodge fracture will have the same weight as a player that doesn't, it's when the map is played that the weighting gets reduced. Honestly dodging is just setting you up for penalties because the system will push you to play maps you haven't played.

The weights last for multiple matches, so while it's possible to get bind, split, bind, split, the potential that can happen is very low. Once you play a map that maps weight is reduced for a number of games afterwards.

Lastly we have another lair of protection which watches for streaks, so if you do get the same map multiple times in a row it tries to prevent you from getting it again by weighting that map down a very large amount. Unfortunately, again, matches don't get thrown out and it's still a weighted but random system. While it's pretty rare to get a map 3 times, or even 4 times, it can still occur.

Data wise the system is pretty good, but we want to make sure we are getting the best results out of it so we will keep monitoring and tweaking.