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It’s so cute but so expensive and I kind of feel like if I have to talk myself into buying something maybe I don’t need it .. if a friend offered it to me I wouldn’t say no but idk about buying it for myself. I’m in one of those phases where I don’t feel too committed to the game and what if I end up not wanting to play too much in the future? But at the same time I’m a girl and my brain can’t resist it.. I think I might have FOMO when it comes to this. Another thought I have is that if I had the bundle, I might be reinvigorated to play and care about the game more as it would be something new to motivate me :>

However, I have a lot of skins but have never bought an entire bundle before, and I also haven’t spent money on the game in 4-6 months. How are you guys all feeling about it? Anyone bought it yet and love it? I need opinions! I really am exactly in the middle on this so I’m looking to be swayed in either direction lol.

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I bought it because it's the exact sort of thing I'm looking for and I want it to do well so more skins like it are made in the future. My thoughts after a couple games:

In terms of value, looking at the skin without considering the Familiars at all they would either be a relatively fancy 1775 skin or a perhaps underwhelming 2175 skin. Most of the animations are either stock or modified from stock, (again ignoring the Familiar) the only real effect the gun itself has when firing is an admittedly very nice looking muzzle flare effect. Beyond that there's the equip animation which isn't crazy but it feels nice to me, the finisher which is IMO relatively average, and the sound design. I really like the sound design, it sounds impactful but whimsical, and it has an effect with sustained fire where it pitches up which honestly might be a bad thing because it makes me want to full auto more to hear it lol. Models are neat, but TBH there's plenty of skins that are much cheaper with nice models so I wouldn't really factor them in for cost. It's got more features than something like Mystbloom, but I would say that's more of an indictment of Mystbloom than a ringing endorsement for this skin, and looking at other 2175 skins I'd say that (again ignoring the Familiars) they offer a bit more outside of the subjectively excellent sound design.

Of course, that's not really a reasonable verdict on the skins because the Familiars are the main selling point of the skins. As for them, there's obviously a lot of work that went into them. They have probably the most interactivity of any of the features that any skins have ever had in Valorant. They pop out of the gun during the inspect and reload animations. They fall asleep if you don't fire for a bit. They get angry when you shoot and droop their ears down when you ADS. They smile when you walk up to an ally. They do a lot of stuff. But honestly, playing with the guns I didn't notice it that much. I think that Riot was worried that if they were too noticeable they'd be distracting in actual combat, so the Familiars rest fairly close to the gun and a lot of their animations are fairly subtle so you'll only really notice them if you look directly at them. On the one hand this is probably for the best because Riot doesn't want to make pay-to-lose weapons. But on the other hand, as mentioned before the Familiars are a big part of what you're paying for and they fit really close to the form factor of the guns. Unless you are specifically looking right at them, you might not really notice all the cute things they're doing. The one exception to this is the Specter, the Rabbit's ears poke up much higher than the Cat and Mouse's and it's somewhat noticeable while not being too distracting. But aside from that, I find myself to be so focused that even stuff like the pretty pronounced reload animation is missed in the heat of battle but that might be a me thing. Aside from the sound design, you're probably only going to be able to admire the features of the guns during setup and not midround but you could argue that for most skins IMO so it's up to you if you view that as a negative.

The one exception to all of this is the Ghost. Subjectively I don't really like the model that much and the Familiar only shows up for reloads and weapon inspect. IMO this one isn't worth it by itself and I'd only get it with the bundle.

The wand is alright, this is a little harder to evaluate. The animations appear to be a mix of modified existing animation and a couple new ones. The translucent butterfly bow looks a bit cheaper than the rest of the bundle IMO and doesn't have any physics on it, it just floats around in a fixed cycle. But similarly to the guns I think the sound design works for what they're going for and the weapon inspect is neat. If you don't already have a melee that you're in love with it's a pretty solid option.

Lastly for all the extra packed in stuff you get with the bundle: you get 5 titles that are all formatted as "Dreamwing" followed by each of the Familiar names as well as Evori, not really something I care for but that's just me. There's the player cards, similarly there's 5 of them and this is also subjective but I like the art, the cropping for them also looks pretty good for the ingame profile icon and the full art version has a sheen effect as well which looks nice. And the packed in gun buddy is what it is, but it's worth pointing out that while the default color on regular guns is purple, the ribbon and the inner heart color will actually change colors to match your gun if you put it on a skin from the bundle and choose a non-purple color which isn't revolutionary but it's a nice touch that didn't need to be there so it's worth mentioning.

I guess the final verdict is that I think that nitpicks aside, the bundle is pretty good at fulfilling the fantasy that it's going for and there's clearly a lot of love and effort that went into making it. Whether or not that makes it worth it to you is obviously a subjective thing. Valorant skins in general are exceptionally pricey to begin with and this is the second-highest bundle tier that exists, but I do think that relative to how much other skins cost at least there's enough here that justifies its increased cost over other skins, especially if you really like the theme. Personally I really love it, but I'm a massive sucker for the Magical Girl aesthetic so I'm like the exact sort of person who would really like this skinline.

This is a really thoughtful analysis! Thank you! I can tell you really care and took notice of all the hard work and thought that went into making these skins! The team wanted to push the fantasy as far as possible without impacting competitive integrity / gameplay. It's a really hard balance but something we always strive to do. IMO it makes for really strong, immersive skins.