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My girlfriend just gifted me the Arcane bundle, here are the top 5 gun buddies that look best on it in my opinion:

@ #5 I placed the Reaver Buddy:

#5 Arcane Sheriff + Reaver Buddy

Colors don't match perfectly but looks sick in Reyna's ult anyway

@ #4 we have Reyna's contract Soul Capsule Buddy:

#4 Arcane Sheriff + Soul Capsule Buddy

Getting better!

@ #3 Our first finalist is the Boba buddy:

#3 Arcane Sheriff + BOBA Buddy

I couldn't miss the opportunity to match my favorite buddy with this Sheriff

@ #2 Fishbones!!!

#2 Arcane Sheriff + Fishbones Buddy

This one matches better than the Monkey Business one imo, should've included it in the bundle instead >_>

#1 and the best for last: the Stardust buddy

#1 Arcane Sheriff + Stardust Buddy

My gf found this combo, my small brain would've skipped it. Sickest combo, perfect match color and form wise!

Let me know what combo you think is the best, maybe I missed some!

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14 days ago - /u/Riot_Preeti - Direct link

I love this. And it’s awesome she bought it for you. Astra buddy is a great combo.