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Earlier today I had a game in which my teammate gave up during round 2 so my team continued as a 4v5 and won. I've had this happen a few times these past few months and was just wondering if anyone here knows if the person who leaves the games early still gets RR for the win they didn't participate in. I haven't been able to find anything regarding this general topic so if anyone knows, please share your experiences -- thanks!

picture of scoreboard here: https://imgur.com/inXkZxC

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22 days ago - /u/EvrMoar - Direct link

You gain/lose RR like normal, depending on if your team wins or losses.

But you will also lose 8 Ranked Rating no matter what, and this can go over our maximum "cap" of 30 Ranked Rating per loss.

There are new anti-afk measures, to prevent AFK players. Things like watching how many rounds you AFK, how often you do it, bans from ranked for doing it, etc.

Overall we have a ton of tools, and features, working against AFK players. We will be tweaking them as we get more data and see how things are going :)