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So basically I have around 16 years of gaming experience (turning 24), but I've never in my life played FPS games, it's by far my weakest genre. The only FPS game I've played is Portal (well, technically FPS, but it's not people you're shooting at), and L4D2 (where I went full melee mode due to my horrible aim). I have so much more experience in puzzle, strategy, fighting, soulslike, roguelike, hack & slash, moba, etc... games. But pretty much none in FPS games.

I always thought Valorant looked cool, I was already thinking of playing back when it first released, but I always got discouraged by the thought that I will most likely be bottom frag every game, and I would get flamed to oblivion. I'm not great at handling toxicity, and it often gets to me.

Aside from me having the worst aim you've seen in your life, my reaction speed isn't the greatest either, last time I checked it it was around 220 ms, which is way too slow.

So do you think it's worth for me to give Valorant a go if I have no FPS experience at all and I have boomer reflexes, or is it too late for me to get into this genre? I'm not planning on going full competitive, I just want to get decent enough to enjoy the game without getting flamed. Also, if you think that I should start playing, do you have any agent suggestions that don't rely on aim as much as others? Obviously aim is important, but I'm guessing there must be some agents where proper use of abilities can substitute some of the aiming.

Thank you so much everyone for your replies in advance!

Edit: Wow, I wasn't expecting this many comments! Thank you for the encouragement everyone! I downloaded the game, and actually it's not even as difficult as I thought it would be. The matchmaking seems to be a lot friendlier towards new players in this game than it is in League.

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I'm 34. You'll be fine. Get in there and frag out.