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A lot of times people blame their teammates for being three episodes in a row in bronze. Well, I was hardstuk Bronze for a while and then got stuck in Silver. I’ve had games where teammates threw and definitely lost because of them. Those exist. It is harder to rank up with sh*tty teammates. But if you are hard stuck, you aren’t improving. Stop blaming your sh*tty aim and game sense on your teammates. I stopped doing that and tried to work on what I was doing for the team. What impact was I making? When I was “hard stuck” I was making sh*t impact. Yes I got some kills and did something, but not the right/best things. Worked on it. I’m now G3 and on my way to Platinum.

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Thank you for the tips! I actually swap between Viper and Neon, depending on the map. I actually do a lot better on Viper than on Neon, which is why I started playing her. I'm actually a Viper with a duelist brain. So I use my smokes to get on site and essentially take duels if my team isn't. I get a lot more kills on Viper than I do Neon, I think it's being able to use smokes to my advantage. Basically I assess how my team is playing and I hold back if they're getting their picks, I am aggressive when they aren't getting their picks and are dying.

Saw the tag, and just wanted to hand this out. I threw together my routine, which is ment to target specific mechanics and effectively aim train(if you choose to aim train). If you're interested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OyH8qZ-0eD7qMRrpk0A2qXrFrwRUSAlDTy41upVxxF8/edit?usp=sharing

I usually follow these rules: My primary goal is to play 2 games a night, if I only have an hour or two I play 2 games. If I have more time, but not enough to to do the full routine, I do either the Aim portion or Mechanics portion. You can also just cut down in the amount of bot waves you do for the shooting range parts.

This may not work for everyone, and doing the whole routine takes 2-3 hours. Usually I do Shooting range, DM, Ranked, aim labs. I've shared this a few times and it helped some people so I thought I'd share!

And yes, lower ranks are more encounter based then win/loss. It isn't all of your rank, but a decent chunk, so making sure to effectively duel and take sites will help you rank up a ton in that iron-bronze range.

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Hey, thank you for stopping by, and thanks especially for sharing your training routine! This actually comes at a perfect time for me, because I trained really hard for months with Aim Lab, Range, and DM, but lately I've been training mostly with DMs and real games instead because I felt like maybe the training skills I'd gained didn't transfer to the game as much as I expected. Your routine is different from the ones I've seen and used. I like how it's mostly ingame-based and directly addresses practical Valorant duel situations. I'm getting started on it tonight!

But I'm curious, what do you do for warmup if you only have 1-2 hours? Also, just to be sure I get it right, when you mention doing only the Aim portion and Mechanics portion... is the Aim portion basically the exercises that have "None" movement, and the mechanics be all the others (A/D Strafing etc)?


Aim portion is the whole Voltaic aim benchmark/fundamentals, mechanics are in game(even tho they are in game) I should just say Aimlab vs. shooting range.

My quick warmup is just doing the very first shooting range, just slow aim to bot heads, then going into DM for 1-2 matches.

Voltaic is listed at the bottom, but it is it's own thing entirely. Has a ranking system, and specific fundamental aim training routines. It's probably one of the few aim training routines where I would recommend doing it, because I always worry about unfocused aim training and how much it really helps.

Also I stole this routine from an immortal player, I don't remember who unfortunately, but it's helped me a ton. So in short Aim Training = Aimlab Voltaic, Shooting range = mechanics.