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I just randomly had this thought. Other fps games i have played usually use real name of the weapons but not in valorant. So i just come up with this reference

  • Classic-Its the classic or the default one
  • Shorty-The short version of shotgun
  • Ghost-It has a silencer so it produces less sound, like ghost
  • Sheriff-Sheriffs irl have stereotype of using this revolver
  • Spectre-Another ghost name
  • Phantom-More another ghost name
  • Vandal-This gun have stereotype to be used by terrorist, who do vandalism
  • Bulldog-Just like bullpup in real life, but instead of pup, it uses dog
  • Operator-which can be called 'OP', just like the pronunciation of 'AWP'

what do you think of other weapons?

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15 days ago - /u/Riot_Preeti - Direct link

Most of this is very accurate