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Its the 4th time in a row that i got abyss, like, its abyss the ONLY map in the map pool??? Because God damn, its just annoying playing the same map Over and Over again, just give US the opportunity opportunity to play the other Maps, ffs.

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Iirc it’s pseudorandom so you get maps based on the lobbies map play rates to receive an overall average distribution of maps overtime. Bunch of players starting ranked and haven’t got the map a lot/ever and so it’s probably very high in this list in most lobbies. I got haven 3/7 or so when it dropped last week.

this is the correct answer. we don't force players into the new map for more experience (that's the point of the new map queue for the first two weeks of the map's release). but because we do have code that prevents streaks (reference this previous article https://playvalorant.com/en-us/news/dev/valorant-systems-health-series-map-diversity/ ), there ends up being a slightly higher chance for a newer or returning map to the rotation to be selected.

additionally, dodges do not count as matches played so even if you load into a map but the game doesn't start, it doesn't count as a played game on that map.