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Have noticed over a couple of games that I received no combat scores (under non-damaging assist) when I land astra's gravity well.

The system did register the assist count, but did not award me with any combat score (see snapshot link below). Like to ask if it is a bug or it is intended. It's pretty crappy if it is intended as it actually takes skill to land nice pulls, compared to a sage heal that depends on other people's shooting ability to get a non-damaging assist point.


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Damn that sucks since (iirc) ACS is used to calculate RR gains/losses. Hopefully they look into this and fix it.

ACS is not used to calculate RR gains and losses and has no impact on your MMR either!

If you hover ACS is should show how it's calculated at the EOG scoreboard. It's more just a measure of how effective you were in combat that game, not how your RR or MMR is moving.