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The voice actors are all great and hearing their normal voices versus the agent really highlights their talent. However most agents are not from english speaking countries and they have a frankly limited amount of voice lines in their language.

As a latino i would love to hear full voice lines in spanish and i guarantee i’m not the only one. Gecko and Reyna don’t really speak a whole lot of spanish beyond a word or two, Neon doesn’t speak much tagalog, Sova does not have a single line in Russian (that i can think of).

Let’s let these amazing voice actors continue to make the game unique by letting their characters speak their native languages!

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I can see how adding a full sentence in another language would be more immersive, but I actually love the how much Spanish is kept in Gekko's voicelines! :) They can be hard to pick up, but some of my favorite are:

"Wachale güey, my crew is coming through."
(Watch out dude, ....)I can't remember if it's during his character select or start of game

"Sana, sana."
(Heal, heal)When he picks up one of his creatures in orb form. This is a personal favorite for me as a Mexican! lol

"Another? Órale."
(...? Alright!)When he picks up one of his creatures in orb form.

"Perdoname, Reyna"
(I'm sorry/Forgive me, ...)Can't remember where I heard this, but I know I've heard him say this

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Originally posted by DannyDevitosstepson

Of course, I love his Spanglish too. Whenever I hear “Pinche radianite” it makes me chuckle, just wish there was a little more fully Spanish lines. I’ve tried switching the language to Spanish but the voice actors are not nearly of the same quality unfortunately

Yeeess the "Pinche radianite" line surprised me when I heard it! xD
Oh I'll have to switch the language to Spanish sometime and check that out! No idea why I never thought of trying that out before. I believe Alejandro Antonio Ruiz voices both the English and Spanish (LATAM) voice lines so the quality shouldn't differ much, but I'll have to check it out for myself and see.

Always appreciate when players want to see/hear more authentic languages in our games! I know we try our best, but always great to hear how we can improve that more. :)

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Originally posted by MisterDual

Sova actually does speak a little bit of russian ("Вот это да, no one can beat our Phoenix", "Беги, Sova"), but I agree that it's not a lot. I've requested Sova's VA to speak russian few times, and I can say that his language knowledge is pretty good, so I don't understand why Sova can't have more lines in his native language.

Woah, I didn't know that! What do those lines mean?

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