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Hello /r/Valorant,

Valorant Tracker Here! We were lucky enough to be given official API access in the first wave!

Today, we launch our site that is available for all with no apps required! There are however some limitations:

  • You have to log in with your Riot account to make your stats public (unless you are Radiant or Immortal ranked, then your stats are public)
  • Historical data is not loaded but will be there in the future. The Riot API lets us download your last 10 matches at the moment. We’re working on scraping all of your matches to build you a full profile.

Link to demo profile: https://tracker.gg/valorant/profile/riot/BRRRRRRR%20Anuel%20%23EUW/overview

Link to site: http://valorant.tracker.gg/


Since we released our site during the Beta, the following was added:

  • A detailed player profile.
  • Leaderboards based on each available stats.
  • Community video guides library (you can upload yours too!).
  • Global stats for agents and maps.
  • OBS Overlay.

We also have a robust in-game overlay, letting you view your stats, performance analysis, video guides based on the agent or map you play, and more. Click here to get more details and download!

We worked in coordination with the Developers Relations team at Riot so far, and we are thankful for them giving us the opportunity to get access to the API at this point.

I would also like to thank the community for all the great feedback we received so far, so thank you! And feel free to share with us any thoughts or questions.

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Originally posted by Rahain

Kinda bullshit the only people that get access to the api are wealthy companies that can just get richer. Anyone else wanting to make a stat tracker be damned.

Our goal for the initial launch of the VALORANT API was to ensure a level of stability while also ensuring that players have access to tools powered by the API. We accepted submissions from the community leading up to the launch and then carefully sifted through those applications to chose a group of applications to be part of the initial wave of access to the API. As you pointed out, it feels bad that not everyone got access all at once but we wanted to make sure those that did get access had enough resources to make something cool while also ensuring that the API remains stable.

Specifically, I'd like to clarify two things:

  1. The initial wave wasn't chosen based on wealth, but rather compelling concepts and the ability to deliver on those concepts.
  2. We do plan on granting access to more products in waves so we can continue to ensure the stability of the API.

If you're interested, there's a discussion going on related to this in the Riot Games Third Party Developer Discord. I'd love to hear from anyone who feels the initial release of the VALORANT API felt bad. I'm always happy to hear constructive feedback and to have a conversation with devs that are passionate about working on products around Riot's games.

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