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Agent keybinds, agent select reporting, molotov damage tracking, and wide player cards returning? Despite being a patch with no agent or in game changes, at least its packing for QoL.

It’s definitely been a bit - but you can expect patch notes with more gameplay changes coming up fairly soon. We’re trying not to shake things up too much during Champions but we’ve got some changes we’re excited to ship after it’s over (spread out over a few patches - we just want to ship what we can, when we can)

We appreciate y’all’s patience while we worked through this; we’ve been doing some team restructuring to get balance changes prioritized and better supported going forward, and I think we’re in a much better spot now. We’re excited for you to see what we’ve been working on!

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Thanks for the response! I was under the impression that the Champions tournament takes place on a private patch and that live patch updates shouldn't effect that gameplay.

This is true, it is on a private patch. But, we try to maintain parity where we can for a few reasons:

Aspirationally, we want to feel like pros are playing the same version of the game as the broader playerbase is. It just helps the whole ecosystem feel connected, which is something we care about - as a player, you can watch tournament games and then go play the same game state on live.

Practically, it helps pros by not forcing them to context switch between environments. Yes, they can scrim teams on the tournament environment, but pros also play live Val to practice in their free time, and keeping the state of the game similar helps here.

Logistically, it gives us clearer time windows to organize around, and hopefully also helps the playerbase feel like they have a beat where the tournament ends, after which a period of some changes begins.

All this being said, VAL has a LOT of tournaments, and we are working through how to more efficiently ship changes while tournaments are going on. So, we hear you for sure. But, generally speaking, we aspire to try to keep the tournament scene and live VAL as close as we can for the above reasons.

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This is random but you don’t always get the chance to message a dev:

Buddy of mine has been having stuttering issues and cases where he’s being prefired super early. He briefly fixed this by messing with his HPET on his computer, worked perfectly after that but then whatever update we last had put him right back into having the same issues, and reverting the HPET fix he did makes it 100x worse.

Any idea what that might be caused by? Just tryna help a buddy out.

I wish I could weigh in here, but I'm a data/strategy guy - anything about the guts of how the game ticks functionally just isn't my area of expertise. Sorry he's dealing with that, that sounds super frustrating. :(

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Thanks for the added information about this!

Of course!