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I started playing Valorant this Act, I placed bronze 3 as my first rank and is at Platinum 3 currently. Does my rank stay the same tomorrow after the next Act goes love or will it get reset( if so by how much?)

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21 days ago - /u/EvrMoar - Direct link

Think of the episode as the ranked season, and the Acts as checkpoints!

We reward you based on your highest rank, or best Act, at the end of the episode!

Your rank will stay the same and you will be required to play one placement match in the new Act.

If you haven't played ranked at all this episode you will be required to play 5 placement matches, but you don't have to worry about that!

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Hey EvrMoar. Is there a planned reset this Act due to the distribution adjustments, or will that be done passively behind the scenes and people will transition into the new Act as normal?

We will just update the distribution and people's RR will change based on the rank they belong in!

So it's a behind-the-scenes transition that will happen over time.