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Riot gave us a preview/teaser of the new map Fracture right at the beggining of the current season. I couldn't figure out where that building in the right side is just by watching videos.

Idk if this have been posted yet, if so, sorry for wasting your precious time. And yeah, I do suck at edditing images.


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It’s just game development. Nothing crazy.

Developers usually have years worth of content they sit on and can plan small teases.

We're actually not sitting on it, game dev just takes a lot longer than people think it does.

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Originally posted by HOTMILFDAD

I stand corrected. Thank you for the insight :)

Question for you, though: is it typical for game studios to actually sit on maps/characters/lore for [x] amount months after release? Or is more customary for devs to focus on having a certain amount of content for launch and then worry about stuff further down the line?

There can be some amount of that, for sure, but fully ready stuff for months after release isn’t super common. What tends to be more common is content that’s fairly gameplay locked, but needs a lot more work for other disciplines to clear before shipping (like art, QA, engineering, localization, etc)

It obviously differs a lot for games as a service compared to boxed product games, too!