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VALORANT | Retrospectiva - Live Aniversário de 1 ano
Comemore com a gente o aniversário de 1 ano do lançamento de VALORANT assistindo nossas streams especiais.Hoje teremos uma retrospectiva com participação do ...


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What guns should come back in Episode 3?

Shroud: 'Valorant is the first tac shooter in a long time that has a company behind it that truly gives a damn.'
Today marks the first anniversary of the release of Valorant, Riot Games' tactical shooter, and the game has met with wild success: not least because of its focus on competitive balance and the developer's relative transparency with its audience. As well as being good principles under which to operate a live game, this also contrasts with the game's most serious competition, the nearly nine-year-old Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, whose custodian Valve tends to be less publicly forthcoming (even if its ongoing support for the title is unquestionable).The occasion has not only been marked by Riot, but by some of the biggest personalities in the competitive and streaming scene. Mike 'Shroud' Grzesiek built his career on competitive Counter-Strike (among other games) but, since retiring from the pro scene and focusing on streaming, has made no bones about what he thinks Valorant does better."I noticed it really early on because it's a genre that I love," says Shroud. "I come from competitive Counter-Strike, and Valorant is the first tac shooter in a long time that has a company behind it that truly gives a damn."

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One Year And 14 Million Active Players Later, Valorant Is Going Mobile
Officially launched on June 2 of last year, Riot Games’ hero shooter Valorant has enjoyed massive success on PC, with more than a half-billion matches played and over 14 million active players. Today Riot announced plans to expand the franchise, starting with Valorant Mobile.