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Hi everyone, I am a killjoy main in bronze 3.

Straight away, i want to clarify that im NOT trying to complain. These are my observations and opinions, im not trying to start anything, i just want to discuss the recent and upcoming changes.

Ive seen a lot of nerfs for KJ since ive started playing as her. Some i think make sense, such as her equipment going down after she dies, and the movement speed reduction woth her turret coming up in 3.05.

However, as a sentinel (a defensive-heavy agent), it seems like her value is slowly dissipating into not much. I get it, the turret is very annoying to deal with on pistol/eco buy rounds. This is why I'm behind the nerf to the movement speed when hit by it, and the equipment shutting down when she dies. But with the upcoming update, the additional nerfs to all her stuff makes it incredibly easy to make her utility almost a waste of money. If all the utility can be destroyed by a breach concussion, all he needs to do is use one ability to destroy ALL of KJs stuff. Recalling the equipment was nerfed as well, having to wait twice as long before using it again

Her ultimate was already pretty easy to break, as long as you can get to it. Normally, theres enough time to get to it to shoot it down if someone is willing to push. But it already gets destroyed by brimstones ult, sovas utility, razes utility, etc.

I can see Cypher mains hurting here too, with the nerfs to his utility as well. I understand that sentinel util is annoying to deal with, but that's the advantage we take. The purpose of sentinels is to be able to deny a site long enough to get back up from the team, and gain information. We don't have movement abilities like raze or jett, KJ doesnt have smokes like many other agents, Cypher doesnt have mollies, cypher and KJ dont heal ourselves/others like sage (RIP wall btw, that stuff is pricey now), reyna, phoenix, and skye. What he have is information, and the ability to slow down a push onto site

If KJs abilities will be destroyed so easily, it would be nice to not have to stay within a specific range for them to be useful. Or to be able to recall them without having to wait as long to redeploy it. Or being able to pick up mollies after placing them, like Viper does with the smokes, or keeping an alarm bot for the next round after recalling it. It just seems like a lot of stuff has been taken. I feel like any one of these to be added/given back would make it more sensible to continue picking the agent

Even typing this all out im not sure how it will all sound... Probably really whiney but please understand thats not what im going for. It just seems like one thing after another, ya know? Im happy to discuss anything, or if any counterpoints you guys have id love to hear it. Maybe it can help open my eyes up to what else is going on :)

Thank you for reading the lengthy post, please let me know your thoughts!

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Originally posted by LIMIT_73

Agreed. Where Riot tends to take away from Agents in recent patches, they've been neglecting to experiment some and counterbalance out changes by providing minor buffs to some extreme nerfs.

We actually do often test changes like these, but Killjoy isn’t in a position where she needs compensation buffs. She’s one of the highest winrate agents in the game, and we’re unsure of how much of a winrate dip tagging reduction will actually manifest in, so we’re playing this one safe.

Killjoy’s winrate could drop by 2% and she’d still be in the upper half of the roster. She’s very strong - we’re keeping an eye on her, but I very much doubt that she’s going to end up too weak after these changes.

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Originally posted by Interesting-Archer-6

I appreciate you being in here and giving your thoughts on KJ. That said, it feels empty and inconsistent when you don't do shit about Jett's ult or her get out of jail free card. The 2 most broken abilities in the game, one being an ability that can be used again later in the round.

I think you've done an amazing job on working to balance agents and abilities, with the exception of Jett. Even after the slight nerfs, look at her pick rates, and it's even worse at the pro level. Dapr was right. Switch to Jett because Riot won't touch her

Jett’s been a topic of ours for quite some time, she’s just a bit more complicated when it comes to shaving away power. She’ll likely see changes.

That being said, Jett’s primarily a problem in pro play. In standard matchmaking her winrate is one of the healthier ones around 50%. Sage, Killjoy, and Reyna are the strongest agents in matchmaking by a decent margin, people just don’t talk about them as much!