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I was in a game just now and there was an angry dude on my team (ill call this dude sage.) For some reason, he was just targeting one person on my team, (they were playing as jett so ill call them jett.) Sage started to get angrier as the game progressed, sending threats to jett. I told jett to just ignore it and finish the game. The real problem was when sage started getting personal info. Sage started by talking about his family, saying their full names and where they worked. HE then also threatened to send a bomb threat to Jett's school, he said the name of his school. I asked multiple times if this was a joke, they said it was not. How can people get info like this, and should i be worried? I reported but that's all that I can do.

EDIT: Sent in a ticket, the whole situation just scared me a bit and I wanted a second opinion. Most likely a troll, (it was a bit extreme) Thanks guys.

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Hi there, I’m Sara. I work on the VALORANT team and this thread was brought up to me this morning by a few people here. First off, I want to say that I’m incredibly saddened to hear about this happening to you and your friend in game. That’s absolutely insane and will NOT be tolerated. I fully intend to investigate this and bring it up to our physical security team. If you could DM me the person in question’s Riot ID (as well as yours) from the match you played with them, I’ll also completely remove them from game. There’s no room for people like this in VALORANT. Again, sorry to hear about this terrible in game experience… as soon as you send me their info, I’ll take care of the rest. !pin

Sara / Riot necrotix