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Trying to learn Neon's movement is one thing, but trying to learn her movement on a 25s cooldown all the time is super frustrating. Especially when you're trying to learn a difficult strafe combo or a new skill.

Sure, using her Ult all the time is an option. But, you still get interrupted after 15s of sprinting. Plus, hearing her voicelines all the time also gets really annoying after a while.

Who else has this issue? It gets so demotivating during a session.

Edit: Pausing the match timer during the buy phase works, but I still think being forced into three zones is a little limiting outside of purely practicing tech. It'd be nice to infinitely practice entries or routes without running out of juice. (Pun intended)

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Sounds reasonable

agree, will look into it

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Can we get the same function for viper smoke as a cheat as well? If you wanna test stuff or demonstrate it to others you gotta wait for it to recharge every time

Yep. It'd be a hookup within the fuel system to futureproof it.