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When it works, we use it in very rare circumstances where we need the attention of players who are in-game. Right now it's broken though, hence the HTML you see. We're working on it :)
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Originally posted by zero.to.nine: You don't need to advertise things during gameplay/lobby, it's VERY intrusive and annoying and will probably result in people hating the whole game. We PAYED for the GAME, not commercial messages!
We haven't provided you with commercial messaging, as noted in another thread (and touched on above), the "breaking news" tool we use to convey downtime, patches, or interruptions which might cause adverse problems to the game has simply malfunctioned and returns some HTML which includes a domain URL where the breaking news text is typically stored. :) We'll have this solved soon once all the name servers are updated appropriately with the correct information.
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Originally posted by zero.to.nine:
Originally posted by Capra Aegagrus Hircus:
They use it to warn you for upcoming patches that might disconnect you from the game etc

I understood that much, but it's still annoying and not necessary.
It's a bit necessary. Say you're in a match, but the back end goes down. Would you prefer we told you whilst you were playing and give you a chance to tap out early and go make a coffee, or right until you get to the end and get booted out because the service went offline during your match?

(I appreciate this can happen all the same due to unforseen errors, but if and when we know in time, which would you prefer?)

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