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04 Jul


Originally posted by ChintzyAdde

Okay now I want a murderous hedge-hog child to be part of a sister of the thorn skin.

Okay now I want a murderous hedge....


...hog child to be part of a sister of the thorn skin.

oh... :|


Last time we saw this, a player’s Anti-Virus was interfering with their set Affinity. It’s my understanding the Anti-Virus set the Affinity for our anti-cheat service Easy Anti-Cheat, which Vermintide 2 then inherited. It’s worth looking at what’s set for Easy Anti-Cheat to start with, and whether your Anti-Virus could have something to do with it.


Sorry to hear this. Could you please PM me your PSN ID so I can attempt to look up your crashes?


Hi @Bearwarwithbear,

These crash reports all indicate that you’re running into a GPU-related crash.

Please try running through all of the potential solutions for this here:

Read more

We’ve done a platformer/run and gun/metroidvania type game before… Just sayin’.


:smiley: Thank you from all of us!

03 Jul

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01 Jul


Confirmed as not an intentional change, and QA have been able to reproduce the issue. :slight_smile:


Can confirm that it’s intended for Grail Knight ult to not trigger melee weapon traits :slight_smile:


Do you happen to have a controller connected?


I suspect an oversight, but I have queried and will report back to you!

30 Jun


Appreciate the detailed breakdown @CitizenKhaine! I’ve passed this on internally.

I can’t make any promises about these cosmetics being made available, we’ll initially need to look at tidying up the UI to make sure illusions that aren’t obtainable won’t be visible to prevent further confusion. From there, we’ll likely have some discussions :slight_smile:


I’ll query this again, seems these weapon illusions are causing some confusion all round :sweat_smile:


Hi @BarbarianStarship

I’ve chased this internally, and regrettably the patch required to resolve this issue has been delayed from our original estimated date :frowning:

I’ve been told the new aim is to patch mid-July (likely the week beginning 18th).

Thank you for your continued patience with this, and apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.


I think the illusions may be incorrectly visible from the Weapon Upgrades/Overview menu for the respective weapons.

29 Jun


Hi @TenacitatemSors,

This appears to be an intermittent problem that affects some players, and seemingly ‘fixes’ itself a short while later. Are you still unable to see or purchase the Sister of the Thorn Cosmetics Upgrade now?

It’s a rather strange issue, but we’re aware and looking into it!

In some regions, prices can drop below Steam’s pricing threshold which can also result in a DLC being unavailable to purchase, though I’m unsure if this is the case here :thinking:


Off the top of my head I’m not sure - but I’ll query this with one of our Gameplay Developers and confirm when I hear back from them :slight_smile: