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Latest Patch Notes[XB1] Vermintide 2 - Update #14 Patch Notes (10 days ago)

I’ve already been all over with the army, not to places of my choosing. But Jamaica was really nice, at least the tourist area where we had time off. I guess if I had one place to pick, probably Japan so I can go full weeb. I don’t like the heat though, so it would have to be in winter.

Space smells of steak. It’s my nirvana.

It’s Friday already? Waduhek?!

Since you’re limiting it to the real world, I think it’s gotta be Iceland for me (else I’d opt for the Moon, or the ISS. Somewhere in space, maaan).


  • aurora borealis
  • epic landscapes
    • volcanoes
    • caves
    • waterfalls
    • mountains
    • trails
    • lakes
    • glaciers
    • springs
    • etc
  • beers

I really want to explore the quieter parts of Scotland. There’s something magical about the place. I’d like to do the North Coast 500

which is a a driven scenic route around the north coast, covering 516 miles!

Where in the (real) world do you want to visit next? :world_map:


17 Jul

This is a mod-related issue, but I can’t be sure which mod in particular is responsible. If this becomes a consistent issue for you, you may have to perform a process of elimination with your mods to determine which is the culprit.

16 Jul

No crash results are displayed when I look up the GUID unfortunately, could you please copy and paste another in here?

I lost progress

3 days ago - FatsharkJulia on Forums - Thread - Direct

I’ve responded to your query via the Support Portal - my response may be in your ‘Spam’ inbox. We’ll continue the conversation there, locking post.

Darkness Bug?

3 days ago - Fatshark_Hedge on Forums - Thread - Direct

We have seen this before, it’s a tricky one for us to reproduce. We’re still looking in to the cause. Do you have a DXDiag you can share with us if you’re willing to help us find the trend?

For Xbox One we didn’t have time to set up tracking for those, so we’ve gone with a daily quiz on social media :slight_smile: If the questions all get correct answers, we’ll give out the frame.

15 Jul

This is now fixed. Thanks for the heads up!

Hosting problems (yes again^^)

4 days ago - FatsharkJulia on Forums - Thread - Direct

Super! The Player List Plus mod when used in combination with the ‘Small Network Packets’ option can produce some bizarre issues. :slight_smile:

We have no plans to at current. :slight_smile:

Community work

4 days ago - FS_Trelly on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hello! I’m one of the famous Fatshark lurkers. Some of you have met me before through the Vermintide discord. Usually, I post in the news, answer some random questions or jump in to update you about the game. I’m not at all near a full-time community manager or working with support but I love keeping up with you guys. Can’t tell you much about my typical day, but I can try and outline it for you!

Note: Julia and Hedge are true good human beans, and I work with them both almost daily. Also, I am one of those people who took over the marketing and Social Media from Hedge.

I start with a very early arrival at the office, I like being early and I like the quiet hours. Coffee and breakfast are a must. I start by checking on my immediate tasks, what needs to be done? Anything urgent? Any change in priorities? By the time this is done my coffee is drinkable and I spend 20 min ~ish on Reddit, the forums, discord, social media and general game news. I answer to some things and ...

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Hosting problems (yes again^^)

4 days ago - FatsharkJulia on Forums - Thread - Direct

Could you please let me know what your connection’s upload speed is? :slight_smile:

You can check your download/upload speeds using a website such as Speedtest.

Additionally - are you using any mods, in particular the Player List Plus mod?

I would recommend that you uninstall Vermintide 2, delete your AppData (important!), restart your machine and subsequently reinstall. You can delete your AppData by:

  1. Press Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to \AppData\Roaming\Fatshark
  4. Delete the entire ‘Vermintide 2’ directory

Please be aware that this will remove any custom configurations, and may prompt you to re-run the prologue. Sorry!

Afterwards, please restart your machine and reinstall Vermintide 2.

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