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30 March

We just pushed a hotfix live for the Tower of Treachery update.

Hotfix 4.9.3
  • Fixed a door that had no collision in Tower of Treachery.
  • Additional fixes to the Waystalker activated ability to furthrer limit it being affected by Bloodshot.
  • Fixed bug where Handmaiden passive 'Ariel's Benison' didn't grant the revival healing bonus.
  • Fixed some cases where Olesya's intro VO was not working sometimes.
  • Fixed a crash when hotjoining after players progress past the end area.
  • Fixed a crash when hotjoining after players pulled the secret lever in the dining room.
  • Fixed a crash when hovering 'return to keep' button on score screen, using gamepad, while accepting an invite request.
  • Fixed frame perfect crash while end event skulls target exploding barrels.
  • Fixed various additional localisation issues.

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