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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
The Onslaught Tournament Series hosted their first charity event in collaboration with Fatshark Games the past two weekends, and you all turned out in force to help the world's most endangered species suffering from fires, floods, deforestation, even poaching. Thank you for contributing and being part of this event. You make a difference!

All hats for donors and participants have been delivered to all accounts now. If you donated or participated in this event and have not received your hat yet, please contact community manager Aqshy.

In the words from the community event host, Ishka:
Our first donation made during the event was for $4,279 and our second donation at $310, bringing it to a total of $4589! Both donation receipts can be found in this Steam post, below!

Your dedication, passion, and desire to Vermintide and the Community itself is only matched by your generosity in both the funds raised and your time spent in this Onslaught Series event! We should all feel very proud of who we are and that together we can celebrate what we love and create a positive impactful difference in the lives of endangered animals at the same time.

Thank you all for coming out in force for this event, and we'll see you all next time!