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I wanted to create a pinned thread to help address the multiple questions this forum gets regarding Sienna's career. I've shared this info here, on Reddit, and on streams, but I've collected it all here for good measure.

I will add to this list as I'm greenlit to share more. If it is not answered here, it means I cannot share anything further yet.

I'll be looking at questions in this thread periodically and bringing them back to the team so we can discuss what to answer as we prepare to share more info.

Does she have a release date? Sienna is slated for Fall 2023!

How far along is her concept? She is now in the final stretch of development and having finishing touches put on her.

Is she a Gold Wizard??? Maybe. Probably not.... No, no she is not (sorry to dash all your hopes and dreams! :( ). All your speculations are good, however! I can confirm she is still a [pretty cool] magic user, though!

It's not Sienna without magic staves! Can she use staves??? Yup, this Sienna class can still use staves.

Final Update: May 25, 2023
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Originally posted by Burstnok: Thank for this FAQ!
Though that will be a tight release if she's still planned to be released in 2022, with Darktide delayed to end of November that leaves only December for the 'further content' and even less for Sienna afterwards. But we'll see how that goes or if Sienna gets delayed too after Darktide release.
I just realized this may have been worded a little unclearly. We're looking at releasing Darktide and other Vermintide content in 2022; that doesn't mean Sienna will be released in 2022, just that she will be some time after that. I've edited the post for clarification.
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Originally posted by Alucard (BR): How much she gonna cost ?
We don't have a price ready to share yet.

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