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i just got brought into the world of vermintide 2 after some pals forced me into it and the experience has been really subpar so far I keep seeing people talk about their cool giant castle but when I spawned in there was no tutorial prologue or castle but a lot of moldy shacks and the only player interaction I've gotten in this hub is a lot of rude other players who just tell me the role I need to fill

additionally, vermintide's combat is supposed to be fast and exhilarating but whenever I load into a mission (which I don't seem to have a choice in it just happens periodically) I tried testing out some of my animations and some of there are just ungodly slow?

Now it seems I got a cool deluxe kit compared to other players because I got a set of cool red armor and my glaive weapon thing let's me do some funky animation cancelling but it seems like this game is a boss rush because when I and like 30 other players do find actual enemies in the whole map we load into their speed is so fast and I can't do anything or react in time before they just destroy us. It's really unfair because just one would be fine but there's like five (or four, doesn't matter) of them and their kits are pretty unequal and unbalanced

the only way we could try and even think about killing them is by baiting one of these enemies to fire their spears into the others because it seems like they really like going for players with the deluxe red armor which seems like the devs are punishing deluxe players

game is a bit too unfair and hard, could use some tips from more experience players on how to kill-kill the enemies

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