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As above, any updates you’ve received have been from Steam. They’re redistributables (to be specific) but this isn’t communicated well in the client, leading players to believe the updates are from us when they’re not.

Pop your crash reports over to me and I’ll check ‘em out.
over 4 years ago - [Fatshark] Julia - Direct link
Originally posted by Alyoda: GUID: 77fbb498-5846-4ec3-ae26-b44d8523625d
Log File:
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[Crash Link]:

First of all thanks for your quick response, this was the last crash report I got. About the update being from steam: I don´t know why but the days before I played on high grafic quality settings with no/minor performance issues and it alsmost never crashed. But since the steam update yesterday it kept crashing on high settings. I´m currently experimenting with different graphic quality settings to find out what my PC can handle now without any issues. I don´t know if it makes a difference but im playing with DX12 on Windows 10, maybe there is a problem with that?
In case you are interested, those are my PC specs:

AMD FX-6200 Six Core Processor
GTX 1070

Gotta admit, I haven't actually seen this particular error before. I'll need to speak with our Engine crew about this, but being 8pm here it's unlikely I'll hear back until tomorrow unfortunately.

I did notice your GPU drivers are outdated, so it's certainly worth updating them. Make sure it's a clean installation, too. Instructions here: https://en.kundo.se/org/fatshark/d/how-to-perform-a-clean-re-installation-of-your-nvi/

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