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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Welcome to year 4, season 1 of the community-run Onslaught Series Tournament, where brave teams come to die in glory or live in anguish!


A quick start list of allowed mods for new participants can be found here.

The tournament will run and be streamed live on Fatshark's Twitch channel[www.twitch.tv] 20-21 May from 4pm to 7pm UTC & 27-28 May at the same times.
For those who are new to this community tournament, we've outlined a brief summary of the event:
  • 3 hours to complete 4 given maps in strict order
  • Lose points for each failed attempt or forfeited map
  • 4 tiers of difficulty, 1 on each day of the tournament in this order (T1-T4): C1 DWONS, C3 DWONS, C3 DWONS+, Dutch Spice Tourney Version
  • No Beastmen mod will be used
  • Tourney Balance mod will be used
Our casters for the stream will be the magnificent Ishka and Corbec, potentially with additional guest casters throughout.

There will be a map pool drawing closer to the tournament; and as of this post you may begin signing up your teams with the given format in the signup channel of the Discord.

Signups start now and end on the 19th of May.

THE PRIZEPOOL: T1: x4 Darktide game codes
T2: x4 V2 posters
T3: $40 total Steam OR GW gift cards
T4: $60 total Steam OR GW gift cards & x2 exclusive fifth anniversary long-sleeve shirts (L-men size)

IN ADDITION: There will be another competition running within the tournament games which is totally optional. This mini-event is simply a group photo contest during tournament games, with the criteria for best photo being a combination of riskiest, best fashion and general epic-ness of the photo. The prize (as provided by FS) for this contest is:
  • x4 exclusive V2 posters signed by the development team
Keep an eye on the announcements channel in the Onslaught Tourney Discord for any updates regarding this event.

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