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The following instruction is for War Thunder accounts created in the Xbox version of the game and linked it to email in order to login in the PC-version of the game.

We are now offering opportunity to unlink your Xbox-bound account. As a result of this procedure, you will have 2 separate accounts - original one that you can still use from the console (but can't use in PC version anymore), and another fully fledged PC-account with no restrictions for using Gaijin Store etc. In-game progress will be saved at the moment of unlinking and after that will be no longer be shared and will become independent on each platform.


For technical reasons, we do not offer the unlinking for accounts that also played PC versions of our games (Crossout, CRSED, Star Conflict). If you are willing to sacrifice your progress/purchases in PC versions of those titles, inform support about this in your request.

The email your Xbox-account is bound to has to be verified (you can check this in your profile at

https://store.gaijin.net/user.php), otherwise you won't be able to reset your password and enable 2-step authorization once the unlinking is complete. In order for email to be verified, it has to be working address and you should have access to it. Please ensure it before proceeding with unlinking, this article might be helpful for you -


You have to leave your squadron if you are a member of any. You will have to enlist back to it once the unlinking is finished.

Keep in mind:

Purchases made for GE in-game (including active premium account time) will remain on new PC account, but Golden Eagles balance will be set to 0. So it is advised that you spent any Golden Eagles left on the original Xbox-account before initiating the unlinking, although it's up to you.

Silver Lions balance is preserved.

All vehicles and premium account time (unless expired already) included into vehicle packs from the Xbox Store will be preserved.

All "market" inventory items such as unused vehicle and skin coupons and trophies will remain on the original account. If you want to keep the content provided by those items on new PC account, you have to consume them before unlinking. But boosters, wagers, orders, discount coupons etc will be transferred to new account.

Save your controls presets into a file while in PC version with your existing account, so you can import them later with a new one.

All vehicle presets will not transfer to new account, you will have to recreate them.

Friends list will be reset, you will have to repopulate it.

Squadron vehicles research will be saved on a new account except for the last 3 days. To continue research, you will have to join squadron again.

It's a one-time, one-way offer. It is not possible to link the accounts back again, or bind another email to your original Xbox-account.

Once you spent all GE and inventory items (or are willing to proceed regardless) and left the squadron, login at


and submit a new request (use the button at the top of the website next to your nickname). Pick category "Other" and name the request "Unlinking Xbox-bound account".

Note! The average transferring process time takes up to 2 work days (and is provided only Monday to Friday), but this may change depending on the amount of pending requests. While the unlinking is undergoing, your account will be frozen to prevent login to the game and interfering with the process. You will be notified in the support ticket once all is done.

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No, it's not. Wait for the announcement in this topic.