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We do not release the full details of our statistics. They are a combination of multiple key factors.


The ASA is a later modification and the version of the F-104S to carry AIM-9L. Not the early S or TAF.

As mentioned, this is not under consideration as the ASA is 11.3 with 4 x AIM-9L. The 104S has 6 x AIM-9J and is at 11.0.

The F-104S moved to 11.0 because of its high efficiency at 10.7. So its also not going to receive even better missiles on the back of that.


This is not under consideration. The F-104S.ASA has AIM-9L at 11.3.

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Hi! Welcome to Thunder Show and the most hilarious moments of the past week. Who’s gonna win: a ship or an immovable road infrastructure object? An ATGM or a palm tree? A single jet or all the enemy tanks? Let’s find out together!

Don't forget - you can now activate video subtitles for seven languages!

So, what do you do if something incredible happens in your battle that deserves to appear in Thunder Show?

While in the game, go to “Community > Replays” and find the replay.

Press the “Rename” button and give it a memorable name.

Open the Replays folder in the game folder: search for the file with the name you have just given it.

Attach th...

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It's 60 fps in both resolutions.


No further changes are planned at this time. Again, the aircraft had the highest efficiency at 10.7, so it could not remain there. It's been at 11.0 for just one week. As I mentioned, the Devs will follow it's status and make changes if necessary in a future BR review update.


As far as I'm aware, if it was a basic option, it would have been done already. So likely requires more work from our web Devs than is actually worth it.

Really not that big of an issue and very clear in the rules just not to use it. Much like everyone has a caps lock, but it's not a reason to write in all caps all the time.

Regardless, this really has nothing to do with the topic at this stage.


Simply part of the forum tools.


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Use red text font in any respect. This is reserved for
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9/10 times someone has already asked them before, so we have the response already because we already know. If not, we will ask if it's something we need to cover.


CV-90s never had that form of tracking. They have a more rudimentary system that's also found on most MBTs for basic target tracking. It's still being decided if / how this form of tracking will be implemented. But it won't be like IRST lock.

For HSTV-L, we are still looking into the details.

We are looking into such systems, but again, no plans to speak of right now.



Forwarded to the developers for review. Thanks for your report.

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Have you saved your controls to file?

If not, sadly I guess that bug deleted them and you need to set it up from scratch.

After you do this, be sure to save your controls to file (you can do it in control options).

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If you think you have found a bug, please take few minutes and submit it here: https://community.gaijin.net/issues/p/warthunder