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Ladies and gentlemen!

We’re excited to invite you to the War Thunder special tank football event! You will experience the reworked physics of tank to ball interactions, as well as new to the game goalie mechanics, which will allow you to earn mission points and progress up through goalkeeper achievements!

To help you prepare for the competition, from March 15 (16:00 GMT) to March 17 (15:45 GMT), training events without achievement progression are available.

From March 17 (16:00 GMT) to April 1 (05:00 GMT) Daily football matches are available: from 16:00-22:00 GMT and 00:00-05:00 GMT.
Join 3vs3 matches for lone players, or lead your team to the victory in 4vs4 team matches. Dash! Jump! Hit! Gain rewards!

Prizes For each goal, assist or save you will earn achievement progress points. Collect required number of points to get prizes!

For 10 and 25 points
One of football decals

For 50 points
“Best striker 2023” decoration

For 100 points
Loading screen “Tank Football - Inspiration”

For 200 points
Profile Icon
“Team Tigers driver”

For 300 points
Coupon for one of the decals: "Dragons" Team banner or "Tigers" Team banner

For 400 points
Coupon for the football camouflage for the M551:
"Tiger" or "Dragon"

For 500 points
Coupon for one of the golden decorations

The best 50 players in the record chart of every event will be granted with prize game titles:
  • Top goalscorer — “Best striker 2023”
  • Top assist score — “Best winger 2023”
  • Top save score — “Best goalkeeper 2023”
  • You may learn details of each task and track your progress by clicking your nickname, selecting “Achievements → Tank Football”.
  • Coupons for Team banner decals, Football camouflages for M551, and coupons for golden decorators could be sold on the Market.
  • PlayStation and Xbox players may exchange each coupon in 100 warbonds.
  • Rewards stay available for purchase in the Achievements window till April 3 (12:00 GMT).
  • Prize in-game titles for the top 50 players in each category will be awarded until April 7.
Match rules
  • The match includes two halves 5 min each. Net playing time counts only.
  • In a draw, players get additional halves of 1.5 min each. If it is still a draw at the end of the halves, neither of the teams wins.
  • For an early victory in a 3vs3 match, you need to achieve an advantage of 3 goals.
  • For an early victory in a 4vs4 match, you need to achieve an advantage of 5 goals.
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.