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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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The Pantsir-1S surface-to-air missile and artillery system capable of tracking and killing several air targets comes as a new top-tier SPAAG for the Soviets.

96K6 Pantsir-1S, SPAAG, USSR, rank VII Features:
  • Missiles and automatic cannons
  • Able to attack up to 4 targets simultaneously
  • Huge munition load
  • Very high profile
  • Poor protection

The 96K6 Pantsir-S1 will appear in War Thunder with the release of the upcoming major update and will become the new top Soviet anti-aircraft vehicle. Being unique in its combat capabilities, the Pantsir combines a mid-range detection radar, 12 effective surface-to-air missiles and rapid-fire 30-mm cannons with HE and AP belts. The real “Sky Guardian” is reporting for service!

Not so long ago, the Tor-M1 air defense system was added to the game, which is capable of attacking two targets at once in a small sector. Pantsir-S1 (Russian for “carapace”) is capable of acquiring targets at distances up to 20 km, as well as simultaneously tracking and firing in the 45x45 degree sector up to four targets at the same time! Let's be honest, the scenario of the appearance of four air targets at once in one sight is unlikely for mixed battles in War Thunder, but if such a scenario comes true, you will be prepared! Jokes aside, a well-positioned Pantsir under ideal conditions alone is able to protect the team from, in general, all enemy aircraft approaching from airfields and at almost any altitude. If the pilot slips the launch and does not maneuver, he will meet with the Pantsir missile. The radar very quickly determines the distance to an air target, and missiles can also be guided by the half-lead method, which is handy against aircraft at extreme attack angles.

In addition to missiles, the system includes a pair of twin-barreled 30-mm cannons with an overall rate of fire of up to 5,000 rounds per minute and a huge ammo capacity. The cannons literally tear apart low-flying air targets and are able to hit light armored vehicles and even some tanks.

The Pantsir-1S system is built on a KamAZ 8x8 army heavy truck chassis. The truck moves confidently on paved roads, but off-road causes problems due to the heavy weight of the Pantsir unit and a very long chassis. The vehicle has poor armor of up to 6 mm, and with the radar antenna unfolded, it becomes one of the tallest vehicles in War Thunder. Pantsir-1S can be seen from afar and dies easily from any enemy fire including ordinary machine guns.

Pantsir-1S is undoubtedly one of the most advanced anti-aircraft systems in the game. It will appear in War Thunder with the release of the Sky Guardians major update, which is almost completed by the dev team. The update is coming soon, and the new devblogs will come sooner!

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