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Originally posted by bee: i see a lot people in forum saying it should stay 8.3
it should not stay 8.3 it's very broken tank
and it's skill issue if you can't use tank that need no brain to use

An argument could equally be made as follows:
(1) 7.3 (Or 7.7, or 8.0) tanks were never supposed to be as good as an 8.3 tank, or they would be 8.3 themselves.
(2) That the WMA has soggy tissue paper for armor, and that even planes with .30 caliber (much less .50...) machine guns can pose a serious threat to it.
(3) That ~16.5 horsepower per ton for 8.3 is average at best- you need a lot of room for the 301 to "stretch his legs".
and (4) that the only round worth using on that tank (APFSDS) is equivalent to what several other 8.0/8.3 tanks use (DM33, M111, etc), and grossly underperforms what some 8.7 tanks have access to (Type 93, DM33, 3BM28).

Although I don't own one, IMHO it's not as good as the Rooi 105 at 8.7 who has DM33, which is better than Type 83 by a fair margin, Rooi also has 20hp/t.

Originally posted by bee: Compare to 279 tank at 8.7
Two-plane stabilizer
Night vision device
BR-482B 364mm of pen
14.5 mm

Are you really comparing APHE to APFSDS? A vehicle from a building event to a commonly available premium? HT to LT? etc? My WMA-Rooi comparison I openly admit is not 'perfect' by any stretch, but your comparison seems oddly specific for no clear reason.

Originally posted by bee: Compare to 279 tank at 8.7
and this thing face 9.7 and 10.0 tanks

Probably not.


If you want to start asking "How does it compare against things 1BR below it" and trying to equate it to 7.3's, you should also start asking how WMA will compare against things 1BR above it at 8.7 and comparing it to 9.7's.

Is it going to loose? Yeah, probably pretty horrifically, looking at even what 9.3 has to offer (That it already can/has to fight against).

** I don't have strong feelings on 8.3 vs 8.7, just trying to put food for thought...