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Sorry, I will use English (I do not speak Chinese). If you have issues with understanding, you can wait a little for our Chinese moderator to answer you, or you can translate my post via some translator, for example: https://www.deepl.com/translator#en/zh/

There are two types of reports: chat related and cheat related.

If you want to submit a cheat related report, the best way would be to report such user via server replay https://warthunder.com/en/tournament/replay/

Search for the game you think you meet someone who is cheating, then report him with detailed info - click on exclamation mark (there is place to post timestamp)

Such reports are much more useful than regular in game reports (due to fact, that Game Masters can go directly to place where something strange happen and check it from both perspective).

PS. Please be sure to check server replay from opponent perspective (you can select him from the list), it will shows you his point of view. In many case, you will noticed it was not a cheat, but just a skill/luck