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First work-in-progress images of the new location from the upcoming War Thunder update!

“Pyrenees” The new location for air battles “Pyrenees” invites you to the mountainous area of the Principality of Andorra. Small villages with farm fields are spread upon valleys, ancient castles and medieval abbeys compete for the most picturesque view of the surroundings, and the clear water of the mountain lakes sparkle bright in the green hued highlands. Visit the "Pyrenees" in your combat aircraft, it's so beautiful here!

Winter “Seversk-13” The winter version of one of the most mysterious locations in War Thunder. Russian winter has come to the abandoned town, but the air raid warning is still heard, disturbing news about the missing people can still be heard on the police wave and military convoys still block the town.

Snowy “Ardennes” Another winter version of a location beloved by the players, “Ardennes”. Fields covered with snow, white caps appeared on the straw stacks and roofs of the unfortunate town that turned out to be on the path of a desperate German counteroffensive.

“Maginot Line” in winter The fields of the Maginot Line also welcome winter. The green grassy hills, concrete pillboxes and idyllic hamlets of northwest France are now covered with early fluffy snow. Paint your tanks white, and be ready to battle!

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