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Be sure to visit the new Marketplace — and you’ll instantly notice numerous helpful changes. Now the goods in the Marketplace are presented as tiles that show the number of items that have been put up for sale. Among the main elements are the prominent “Sell orders” and “Buy orders” buttons that instantly send you to the list of items you’re looking for. You can easily distinguish items by their rarity and value with color-coding on their tiles. You can now hide the list of filters on the right side of the page to see more goods, and the Search bar that was quite difficult to find earlier is now prominently displayed above the item list. An option to display new items first has also been added. Finally, in each item’s card you can see all important information presented in a unified style with smooth animations.

[Go to the new Marketplace]

If you’ve already checked out the new Marketplace design and want to revert to the old one, press the “Go to old version” button on the left side of the screen.

The old version of the UI is currently enabled by default; the new one will replace it after we improve it based in part on your comments and feedback. So please leave them in this thread: we’ll definitely read them all!

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