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Both researchable and Premium versions of the advanced Su-25 attack aircraft are to be added in the upcoming La Royale major update. Pre-order now to get special bonuses!

Su-25T, strike aircraft, USSR, rank VII.
Su-39, strike aircraft, USSR, rank VII. Premium pack offer.


16 Vikhr ATGMs

Expanded arsenal

Directional infrared countermeasures

Night sight

The Su-25T project was an attempt to create an anti-tank aircraft that would be able to operate both during the daytime and at night, equipped with targeting systems and guided munitions to defeat armored vehicles. The list of equipment for the future aircraft was formalized in 1979, it was based on the Shkval targeting and navigation system and the Mercury television sight. The prototype passed the factory tests in 1987, by 1990 the project was prepared for mass production but due to the collapse of the USSR it did not start. A small batch of completed aircraft took part in the Chechen War in 1996. After the transfer of the production base from Tbilisi, Georgia to Ulan-Ude, Russia, the project was re-focused for export. An export version with slightly different avionics was designated the Su-39. In total, three attack aircraft of this configuration were built. Due to lack of funding, the project was closed.

Su-39 with pre-order bonuses

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Pre-order - Su-39 Pack

The Kit Includes:

Su-39 (Rank 7, USSR)

2500 Golden Eagles

Premium account for 20 days

Pre-order bonus: unique "Sergey Strikes Back!" title

Pre-order bonus: "The Legend" decal

Pre-order bonus: experimental tricolor camouflage with insignia of the Russian Air Force

69.99 Store

The close combat Su-25 daredevil turns into an elegant tool with high-precision weapons! Meet the new Su-25T and Su-39 attack aircraft, which significantly expand the tactic capabilities of the series thanks to modern electronics and new weapons!

"The Legend" decal

The Su-25T and the Premium Su-39 received a major upgrade to the electronics. The targeting system with the Mercury camera pod allows pilots to aim guided munitions at an operational distance at daytime, and at a distance of about 4 km at night. The directional infrared countermeasure system in the aircraft’s tail helps to protect the aircraft from missiles with infrared seekers.

Thanks to more advanced targeting equipment, the attack aircraft received new guided weapons. Probably the most noticeable set will be a set of 16 Vikhr ATGMs, which are familiar to you from top-tier Soviet helicopters. The Su-25T and Su-39 can also carry KAB-500Kr guided bombs, and in addition to the Kh-29L and Kh-25ML missiles, which pilots know from the previous versions of Su-25, “fire and forget” Kh-29T missiles appeared. New aircraft are also capable of carrying a pair of R-60M - excellent maneuverable short-range air-to-air missiles.

The choice of unguided weapons from the early versions of the Su-25 was also preserved on the new attack aircraft - bombs and unguided rockets in various calibers, incendiary tanks and cannon containers with 23-mm cannons. There will also be available the 250 and 500 kg r------ded bombs, a new feature of the La Royale major update. Dropping and firing the unguided munitions are easy and fun thanks to ballistic computers.

The advanced Su-25T and Su-39 attack aircraft will appear in the game with the release of the La Royale major update. Don't miss the chance to pre-order the menacing Su-39 to get special bonuses and become the first pilots of the most advanced Russian fire support aircraft in War Thunder!

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