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Hello! Today we will tell you about a new type of weapon that will appear in the game in the next major War Thunder update!

With the further development of more effective air defense systems, the only safe window for delivering bombs became ultra-low altitude, where aircraft remained outside of the detection zone of anti-aircraft radars. However, tree-top bombing is risky due to the chances of hitting the carrier aircraft with fragments of its own bombs. This is how r------ded bombs first appeared - the bombs are equipped with an aerodynamic brake, or chute, to provide a low-speed fall.

r------ded bombs will appear in our game as part of the upcoming major War Thunder update. As experienced pilots know, you may already set the fuse delay on conventional bombs, which allows pilots to get out of the danger zone of fragmentation spray and the blast wave while dive bombing or performing tree-top bomb attacks. However, conventional bombs have a flat fall trajectory, which makes it very difficult to hit targets on the city streets, behind cover, or on locations with large terrain elevations. In addition, conventional air bombs fall too quickly and you can’t drop bombs on a sudden enemy, they will fly too far ahead.

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r------ded bombs are perfect for strafe bombing, which is one of the most frequent bombing scenarios in mixed battles. Thanks to the parachute, these bombs slow down when dropped and smoothly fall almost vertically down. r------ded bombs can be carefully dropped in between houses, in a ravine or behind a rock!

Aircraft r------ded bombs will have the full range of physical qualities of regular bombs - for example, they can be shot down in flight, so do not drop r------ded bombs from a high altitude, as they can become easy prey for well-aimed anti-aircraft gunners. For aircraft equipped with ballistic computers, the drop area of r------ded bombs will also be adjusted according to their specific trajectory.

We plan to equip a lot of aircraft of all gaming nations with the r------ded bombs right when the update goes live. In the future, we will definitely add new r------ded bombs of different calibers and different nations. Stay tuned to the news!

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