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Originally posted by Chernobyl_Hero: Hello i have play WT a lot and if we say i play 100 matches everyday and like 4 times of them have i get help from my teamm8 but not rest of the matches. Where the F*** is the teamplay?!
What game mode?
If you are flying bomber in air RB and expect fighters to cover you when you flank the battlefield - forget about it. No on will abandon dogfights for boring flights next to big and slow aircraft.
If you are playing for example ground RB, you more or less need to use chat. Do not expect players to read your mind and understand that 2 series of mg into old barn means that 500m left from it is enemy tank :)

Use map, use chat. Usually it's enough for start.
When I see enemy aircraft, I leave info in chat "enemy air" so if someone is thinking if he should spawn now in SPG or fighter, he will take fighter for easy kill.
Enemy camping somewhere? Ping map + give info on chat what's there.
You see 2 tanks coming to C? "2 tanks going to C from B" for example.

Many people expect some mythic teamplay, but they don't try to start it themselves by such simple things.

It will not work all the time, but at least it's something you can do without a big effort.