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Rank do not play any role for MatchMaker.
You can read on how MatchMaker works on dedicated wiki article here: https://wiki.warthunder.com/Matchmaker
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Originally posted by MitioPishtoa0707: I mean the matchmaking I believe works on how a person has performed. If their plane is 11.3 and they didn't do anything last game, there's a good chance they may be downtiered to 10.7 or 10.3 or even as low as 10.0. I've played against F14s at 10.7 so it's just based on the skill of players and how they perform in battles I believe.
Nope, MM do not care on your skill. We do not use skill based MM in regular battles.
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Originally posted by Tanagram:
all im saying is that EA claimed similarly that XYZ and was never true in their games despite enormous testimony to the contrary. Developers and moderators alike denied it all, until it was finally revealed that EA was lying. For all we know, people in EA lied to other people in EA, so even though some of those moderators told untruths, they really believed what they wrote.

I think further research is required into WT's MM. No one needs to claim anything, but investigating things independently should always be encouraged. Let's prove these moderators correct!

I understand your point of view, and nothing I can say will change your mind.
However, I would like to state that we do not use a skill-based system for random battles. For over 10 years, no one has provided any evidence of such "hidden MM", despite the fact that data miners are able to detect any tiny change in the game code.
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Originally posted by Tanagram: I feel like theres some anti-seal club elements, and also anti-lose streak elements hidden somewhere. I cant prove this and wont, im just saying its a difficult to shake feeling.

Well, official forum (where you can post screen with no fuss) got a lot of topics where players show, they have lose(or win) streak with +10 battles. It's nothing unexceptional.

Our mm is "focused" on making the queues as short as possible (as you already know), that's why it's simple and use clear rules.
If we start including skill (and other things), queue times will go from a few seconds to minutes most probably? That's really bad for massive online game like WT.

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