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The Aigle destroyer sporting deadly cannons and great torpedoes comes as the first French ship to be added to the game in a special early access pack!

Aigle, destroyer, France, Rank II, premium vehicle. Features:
  • High-caliber cannons
  • Good mobility
  • Punchy torpedoes
  • Light protection

In War Thunder, Aigle will be among the first French warships arriving in naval battles as part of the next major update. Sporting excellent firepower and mobility, Aigle will not only bring with it another distinct ship design philosophy to naval battles but will also herald the arrival of the remainder of the French naval forces in a future update!

We are pleased to announce an open beta-testing of the French navy scheduled for one of the following updates. Right now you’re able to purchase a special early access pack containing the Aigle destroyer, Premium days, Golden Eagles and guaranteed access to the testing immediately after it starts. Until then you’ll be able to master your French crews in battles. Each early access ship has 3 respawns in Arcade and Realistic modes. So, let’s take a closer look at the Aigle, shall we?

Contrary to destroyers of most other nations, Aigle (French for “Eagle”) features a rather heavy primary arsenal. In fact, being armed with five 138 mm guns forming its main battery brings the Aigle almost on par with some of the earliest cruisers present in the game. However, while the guns will certainly have a good punch to them and offer favorable ballistics, their larger caliber will also result in a slower rate of fire.

On the other hand, captains won’t have to charge into battle relying solely on the ship’s main guns. Further augmenting the arsenal are four single and a pair of twin 37 mm and two twin 13.2 mm turrets. Apart from the direct fire weapons, the ship is also fitted with two triple 550 mm torpedo launchers, each torpedo contains 310 kg of TNT explosives. Overall, Aigle can certainly be considered as a well equipped destroyer, capable of becoming a serious threat even to larger vessel types if given the chance to do so.

Aigle is rather nimble and mobile, but lacks any noticeable protection. As for other destroyers in the game, movement means life for this ship, and a sudden stop or damage to the rudder usually ends in a quick return to the hangar. Move, maneuver and strike enemies with the powerful main battery and torpedoes - that's Aigle's tactics in naval battles.

The Aigle will be your lucky ticket to start exploring the interesting navy of France. Place your order for the Early Access Packs and be among the first captains of France in War Thunder!

The launch of the French Navy OBT is scheduled in one of the next major updates after the release of the “Sky Guardians” update.

The Aigle Pack can be pre-ordered from the Gaijin Store.

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