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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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In the “Sons of Attila” major update, several older Spitfire c*ckpits have been updated. Let’s take a look!

In this major update, we’ve given some of the older Spitfire c*ckpits a makeover from the ground-up, to ensure that they have the highest levels of detail, quality and accuracy! In total, there’s 9 variations of the Spitfire, the Mk I, II and V that have been updated, with the full list shown below.

The following Spitfires have received brand new, updated c*ckpits:
  • Spitfire Mk Ia
  • Spitfire Mk IIa
  • Spitfire Mk IIb
  • Spitfire Mk IIa Venture
  • Spitfire Mk Vb/trop
  • Spitfire Mk Vb/trop (Italy)
  • Spitfire Mk Vb
  • Spitfire Mk Vc/trop
  • Spitfire Mk Vc

Let’s show you some before and after screenshots. You can click each one to enlarge the screenshot.

Spitfire Mk Ia Before After Before After Before After
Spitfire Mk Vb Before After Before After Before After
We hope that you’ll appreciate this makeover to some of the older and legendary Spitfires — that’s this dev blog wrapped up. See you soon!