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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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The TCM-20 is an Israeli SPAAG, developed on the basis of the M3 halftrack chassis commonly used by the IDF throughout the Cold War era. Coming to War Thunder as part of the next major update “Fire and Ice”, tankers may look forward to the arrival of the TCM-20 SPAAG to the starting rank of the Israeli ground forces tree!

Briefly: A late 1960s Israeli SPAAG based on the American M3 halftrack and outfitted with a twin 20 mm anti-aircraft turret.

TCM-20, SPAAG, Israel, rank IV.
  • Punchy 20mm cannons
  • High rate of fire
  • Good mobility
  • Light protection
  • Exposed fighting compartment

In War Thunder, the TCM-20 SPAAG will be a highly anticipated new addition arriving to the Israeli ground forces tree as part of the next major update “Fire and Ice”. Giving Israeli tankers access to a rather potent SPAA unit immediately at the nation’s starting rank will significantly broaden the capabilities of the initial Israeli vehicle roster and allow tankers to effectively shield themselves from air attack.

Being based on the well-known and widely used chassis of the M3 halftrack means that the TCM-20 SPAA will feel familiar to many seasoned War Thunder tankers, regardless whether they’re transitioning over from another nation or have already climbed through ranks of the Israeli tree. Highly regarded for its compact profile and great off road capabilities, the TCM-20 can achieve a top speed of 67 km/h and conquer even rougher terrain types thanks to its halftrack design.

However, the most notable difference that TCM-20 brings with it compared to existing M3s in War Thunder certainly lies in its armament. While the chassis is no stranger to all sorts of weapons being fitted to it, ranging from .50 cal machine guns to 75 mm anti-tank cannons and even guided missiles, the TCM-20 brings with it a novel twin 20mm cannon setup based on the familiar M45 turret American tankers recall from the M16 MGMC. As a result, the TCM-20 is able to effectively engage both advanced piston-engine aircraft as well early jet fighters thanks to both its responsive turret controls as well as punchy 20 mm cannons coupled with a high rate of fire. Furthermore, loading armor-piercing ammunition also makes the TCM-20 quite dangerous for hostile SPAAGs as well as other lightly armored vehicles. One thing is for sure - there’s no messing about with this one.

Furthermore, unlike the standard M3 chassis, the TCM-20 features improved protection. Although this still won’t make the TCM-20 impervious to enemy fire, it does improve its chances to withstand high caliber machine gun fire and shrapnel. On the other hand, the vehicle still has an exposed fighting compartment, making it vulnerable to strafing aircraft for example. So better keep those eyes scanning the skies for threats, commander!

The TCM-20 is making its way to the starting rank of the Israeli ground forces tree in War Thunder with the arrival of the upcoming update “Fire and Ice”. In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to the news as we continue revealing what other exciting new features and additions await you in the next major update. Until then, happy hunting tankers!