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40 new camouflages from content creators on the Live.WT portal arrive in the game with the user content support program.

Unlock a unique trophy simply by playing the game! Activate your camo coupons, or sell them on the Market to get Gaijin Coins (GJN)!

Contents in the “Danger Zone” trophy:

Coupons for rare vehicles

21 camouflage coupons for ground vehicles

16 camouflage coupons for aircraft

1 camouflage coupons for naval vessels

2 camouflage coupon for helicopters

Coupon for the “Danger Zone” decal

In the Danger Zone update we have removed the camouflage rarity grades. All camos available in the trophy will be of the same rarity: green - “uncommon”.

All camos from previous trophies will be converted to this rarity grade in the near future.

To unlock the trophy, you will need a new “Danger Zone" key, which can be purchased on the Market for GJN.

To the market

How to get it?

The “Danger Zone” trophy drops periodically (with a specific probability) in random battles in all modes (except for the cooperative PvE “Assault” mode).

The minimum requirements to earn a trophy will be to participate in a battle, in a vehicle of rank II or higher, while achieving a battle-activity of at least 50%.

Playstation and Xbox users can purchase a trophy in the in-game shop and open it for Golden Eagles.

More about the Market and GJN

The Market is a place where players can buy and sell various in-game items. Items are bought and sold using a special currency called Gaijin Coins that allow you to gain access to most War Thunder premium content.

In other words, you can not only spend here, but also earn money! Now you can go to the Market directly from the game by selecting the appropriate link in the menu.

GJN can be used to purchase Golden Eagles, meaning that their owners have access to RP transfer, crew skill training, modification purchases, and other features unlocked by the premium currency.

GJN will be accepted not only on the Market, but also in the premium shop, so you can pay 100% of the cost of premium vehicles, Golden Eagles packs or premium account time with them!

GJN will not disappear. Its balance is easy to replenish by trading unnecessary items on the Market.

Learn how to create your own custom camouflages and earn real money through our Partnership program!

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